10 month-old boy has kidney stones

10/06/2020 15:37

A baby boy fussed and can not urinate. After examination, doctor found out a kidney stone moving down to bladder and causing jam.


Due to urinary retention, that baby boy was taken to many local hospitals. Both renal pelvic and ureteral stones were found. However, he has not been treated properly.


When his urinary tract was completely obstructed, he was hospitalized at the Neonatal and Pediatric Surgery Department, Viet Duc University Hospital, the diagnosis of kidney stone moving to bladder and obstructed at the bladder neck causing the urinary infection confirmed.


Dr. NGUYEN Viet Hoa, Chief of Neonatal and Pediatric Surgery Department shared that a urinary catheterization was placed. Last week, a retrograde ureteropyeloscopic laser lithotripsy was conducted. Three stones of 4 mm in size were moved out. After that intervention, antibiotics were used.

Dr. Hoa was performing the lithotripsy – Source: provided by herself.

According to Dr. Hoa, urolithiasis (kidney and urinary tract stones) is rare in  children. The common cause is urinary infection or malformation such as stenosis at the pyelo-ureteral or uretero-vesical junction. Other causes might be metabolic disorder, imbalance in diet, disorders in urine concentration.


The suggested sign is that the child often fussy especially when urinating, straining during urination or urinary retention. Even urine is cloudy or with stone gravel. In older children, it might cause the lower back pain, dysuria, cloudy urine…


“The most dangerous complication of urinary infection with multiple recurrence is chronic renal failure requiring dialysis” said Dr. Hoa.


Dr Hoa emphasized that not all medical facilities can treat the kidney and urinary tract stones for pediatric patients because this technique requires appropriate equipment and skilled doctors. Using lithotripsy equipment in a careless way might lead to bladder perforation. So, when your children have any suggested symptoms, the family should take them to a specialized medical facility for proper care.


In children, especially neonatal baby, there are a lot of common pathologies such as genital malformation, limb or chest deformities, digestive and urinary disorders…


Viet Duc University Hospital organized a free day of examination and consultation about common pediatric pathologies from 8h to 16h every Saturday in May and June at Pediatric Consultation Room. Please make an appointment via operator 19001902.


Reporter Le Nga / Vnexpress

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