8 years old boy was operate on due to an rare disease for replacement of artery from a brain dead donor

13/05/2020 07:21

8 years old boy suffered from a rare and complicated cardio-vascular disease with history of premature has been replaced successfully his aortic artery from a brain dead donor.


On April 27th, Viet Duc University Hospital (VDUH) informed that the surgeons at Cardiovascular and Thoracic Center, VDUH has successfully performed an operation for 8 years patient to replace his aortic by an artery preserved at Tissue Bank of VDUH. The boy had the history of premature, light weight, but has never been diagnosed with a cardio-vascular disease. 2 months ago, the boy got some symptoms such as an irregular fever, pale skin, anorexia and weight loss. Doctor checked and diagnosed him with dysplasia of aortic arch and mitral regurgitation due to sepsis, treated by antibiotics. Then, he was transferred to VDUH for further treatment due to this complicated disease.

CT scan with 256 slices – heart and aorta before operation

After several consultations and evaluation, Ass. Prof. Nguyen Huu Uoc, Director of Cardio-vascular and Thoracic Center, VDUH determined that it is really challenging and rare case. The boy got a severe mitral incompetence because of bacterial endocarditis, pseudoaneurysm of ascending aortic and aortic arch, congenital dysplasia of aortic arch. These facts gave many difficulties in treatment this boy such as: required high dose antibiotics for months, needed an operation to replace malformed aortic in many parts, fixed or replaced mitral incompetence… However, if using the conventional technique and artificial vessels, the failure rate should be very.


The surgeons have looked for the appropriate vessels from a brain dead donor preserved and decided to operate for this boy. The duration of operation was more 6 hours. The pediatric patient was replaced his mitral valve and aortic arch by an artery preserved at the Tissue bank of VDUH. The operation was successful more than expected.


After the operation, the patient was moved to Cardio-vascular Intensive Care Unit for further care and endotracheal tube was removed 2 days later. After 3 weeks treatment, he was discharged. Now, the boy gets back his normal life.


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