A man returned from death choked in saying goodbye to doctors

30/11/2020 07:15

At the moment to say goodbye to medical staff of Viet Duc University Hospital for discharging from the hospital and reuniting with family, Mr. Thanh emotionally express his appreciation to all compassionate hearts that gave him one more chance to live.


On the 17th October 2020, after more than 1 month since the successful heart transplantation surgery, Mr. Thanh got home from the hospital. Tears in eyes the man shared with his choking voice:


“I don’t know how to express my deep gratitude to all the readers of Dan tri Online, medical staff of Viet Duc University Hospital and the donor for his heart. You not only saved me but also all my family. This favor will be remembered eternally…”

On the 17th October, Mr. Thanh was discharged from the hospital after more than 1 month since being heart transplanted

Sharing the same joyful feelings, talking to reporters from Dan Tri Online, Dr. NGUYEN Kim Dan from Thoracic and Cardiovascular Center, Viet Duc University Hospital excitedly said that Mr. Thanh actually was stable and able to walk and to return to normal life and even do some light work so he was discharged home. He had an appointment in 2 weeks for check-up.


Ms. NGUYEN Thi Trang, a staff from Social Work Department, Viet Duc University Hospital said: “ Knowing the patient ‘s situation was so difficult and not able to pay for 150 million VND remaining hospital fees such a huge amount for his family and it might affect to his health, Viet Duc University Hospital decided to support him so that Mr. Thanh could be discharged comfortably”.  

For Mr. Thanh to discharge comfortably, Viet Duc University decided to support his remaining fees as free of charge for 50 million VND


As the news has been reported, facing to extremely urgent and life-threatening situation, medical staff of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Center, Viet Duc University Hospital accepted the risk and signed to deposit advance medical materials used to perform heart transplantation to save Mr. Thanh’s life. Fortunately, 6-hours operation (from 18h on September 11th to 0h on September 12th) was successful.


Not disappointed by medical team of Viet Duc University Hospital as well as many compassionate hearts over the country, postoperatively Mr. Thanh had a quick recovery. At the moment the man returned from death was discharged, not only Mr. Thanh, his wife and other family members were choking but medical staff who gave him one more life were also emotional.   


Wiping out the choking tears, Mrs. NGUYEN Thi Nhu (Mr. Thanh’s wife) said: “To be honest, facing to the remaining hospital fee, our family don’t know how to handle. We asked for the help from Dan Tri Online readers twice with an amount of about 300 million VND. For the remaining, we tried to borrow everywhere but it was not enough “.


Today, my husband is discharged and our happiness is also multiplied when being informed that Viet Duc University Hospital will support the remaining fee of 150 million VND. The life of my husband was saved by medical team of Viet Duc University Hospital and the readers of Dan Tri Online ”. 


On September 11th, medical staff of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Center, Viet Duc University Hospital accepted the risk and agreed to deposit for a medical materials to perform heart transplantation to save Mr. Thanh’s life.


Mr. NGUYEN Quang Thanh from Phuc Loc-Hoang Hoa-Thanh Hoa Province was the pathetic circumstance in the news “The woman choked to beg the sponsors for giving hands to save her husband’s life” that was previously published on the Dan Tri Online.


Mr. Thanh was a poor patient diagnosed a severe dilated cardiomyopathy and end-stage heart failure. Heart transplantation was the only chance to save this miserable man from the certain death. The golden moment for heart transplantation came with a brain-death donor but unfortunately he could not afford it.


With the help of Dan Tri Online readers, especially the noble gesture of heart donor’s family and also compassionate heart of medical staff of Viet Duc University Hospital, Mr. Thanh’ heart was transplanted with success.

On September 11th, Mr. PHAM Tuan Anh, journalist, Editor–Chief of Dan Tri Online decided to donate 20 million VND from a charity program as a “hot” support  joining hand with all the readers in hoping to bring Mr. Thanh closer to the operating room.


Life was saved, Mr. Thanh’s out-of-tune heart was replaced by a healthy one. Looking back medical team and others one more time before taking the trip back home, the face of 33-years-old man was no longer sad but full of happiness and his eyes were sparkling with joy. One more time, congratulation to him, a poor man that was reborn from compassionate hearts.



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