Administrative Department






1. Name of department:Administration Department.


2. Contact:

            Address: 1st floor – A2 Building – Vietduc University Hospital.

            Tel: 043.8289.266/043.8258534 (ext. 214, 312, 315)


3. History of development


4. Functions and duties:

       4.1 Functions:

            Advise and assist Hospital Directorate to manage, make plan, estimate and develop all activities related to administration field.

       4.2 Duties:

            - Manage office, land, fixed assets of the hospital;

            - Archives work;

            - Protocol work;

            - Supply consumables, usual materials;

            - Manage assets, warehouse and issue consumables, usual materials;

            - Make plan, construct and supervise constructions;

            - Operate clean water supply, wastewater treatment;

            - Repair non-medical equipments;

            - Ensure the communication;

            - Manage the vehicles of employees;

            - Guarantee the security in the hospital;

            - Manage and operate the transportation by automobile;

            - Manage and organize the environmental sanitation activities;

            - Manage, operate the rest house area for the patient’s family members;

            - Manage the fire prevention and firefighting


5. Personnel:

       5.1 Current leadership:

            Head: BSc. Nguyen Duc Tam

            Deputy Head: MSc. Nguyen Minh Thanh

            Deputy Head: BSc. Hoang AnhToan

       5.2 Predecessor leadership:

            Predecessor Head: Cu Dinh Qui, Ho Dieu, Truong Thi Doan, Pham HuyDinh, DinhManhHuy, Nguyen TrongThich, Nguyen Van Thu.

       5.3 Organizational structure:

            Administration Department has a total of 59 staff, including 01 Head, 02 Vice Head and teams, divisions directly under the department; 02 master degrees, 13 bachelor degrees, 12 intermediate level and 32 general technical employees.


6. Achievements:

            - Receive, classify and archive official documents, use the seal in an effective way, in accordance with the regulations;

            - Build the plan and organize the procurement, issue timely, effectively, in accordance with the regulations;

            - Build the plan, implement and supervisethe effectiveness of construction works;

            - Repair timely and effectively the usual equipments;

            - Provide enough clean water and operate the wastewater treatment system;

            - Manage, operate safely, effectively the means of transport by automobile;

            - Ensure that the hospital environment is green and clean;

            - Deal timely with situations to ensure the safety of the hospital.


7. Development orientation:

            - Orient to build the Administration Department as a logistics service unit of the hospital.

            - Manage digitization of the electronic documents.

            - Manage the activity of the department with information technology.