Medical equipment and consumables management



IMG_07591. Name of Department: Medical equipment and consumables management


2. Contact:

            Add: 2nd floor - Building A2 - Viet Duc University Hospital

            Tel: (04). 38289.269/(04). 38253.531 - ext. 317


3. History of development:

       - Before 1970, the Pharmacy Department managed all medicines, medical instruments, materials and equipment of the hospital (purchase, maintenance and donations) but nowadays, this management model is still applied in some hospitals of the provinces. After 1970, the work volume and quality rapidly increased, especially the aided equipment raised a need to have a specialized division that is responsible for managing and operating them. A unit was separated from the Pharmacy Department to implement the above mentioned task, Pharmacist Nguyen Chan Dong was a manager of this unit, but he was still belonged to the Pharmacy Department.

      - In 1980, under the decision by the Ministry of Health, the Hospital established the Department of Technical Equipment which included 5 units: Mechanical - Electricity Network - Electrical Machine - Oxygen - Water - Medical Electronics.

      - In April 2000, the Hospital decided to establish 4 units and the Department of Technical Equipment was changed its name to Department of Medical Equipment and Consumables Management.


4. Functions and duties:

      - Follow the leadership of the Director board for the medical consumables, equipment, medical electricity & gas.

      - Advice Director board about the medical consumables, equipment, medical electricity - gas;

      - As a junction for making plan, organizing the bidding for procurement, repair and liquidation of assets: medical equipment, medical consumables…

      - Manage and exploit the use of all medical equipment of the Hospital;

      - Make plan and implement the periodical maintenance, service for all medical equipment;

      - Conduct the regular repair for the medical equipment, timely meet the professional requirements;

      - Manage the input, issuance, total up and monitor the medical consumables, high-tech consumables of the Hospital according to the approved plan;

      - Join the Labor protection Board, Assets liquidation Board and other Boards when being requested by the Hospital;

      - Manage the operation, repair for the systems: Medical gas, electrical, electro-cryogenic systems…

      - Carry out the training work: Make plan, coordinate with the Providers and medical technical units to train in safety, operation and usage, storage of medical equipment, consumables;

      - Carry out the research, improvement work in managing the repair for medical equipment, consumables: in order to improve the equipment exploitation efficiency, save the budget, and take initiative in technical work;

      - Guide the lines according to the project of the Ministry (Project 1816) to help the Hospitals at lower lines when being requested;

General introduction / Department of Medical Equipment and Consumables Management / Vietnam - Germany Hospital

      - Participate in receiving the donations for the Hospital;

      - Participate in the hospital’s projects.


5. Personnel:

      5.1 Current leadership:

      Head: MSc. Dinh Hong Thai

      Deputy Head: MSc. Nguyen The Dat

      5.2 Predecessor leadership:

      Head: - Eng. Nguyen Tien Thoai (1980 - 1984);

                  - Main official Dinh Manh Huy (1997 - 2004);

                  - Main Eng. Lai Xuan Hung (2004 - 2010)

      Deputy Head: - Eng. Nguyen Ngoc Minh (1980 - 1982);

                                - Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hanh (1984 - 2000);

                                - Eng. Dinh Chinh Thang (1992 - 1993);

                                - Eng. Lai Xuan Hung (1998 - 2004);

                                - Eng. Dao Van Minh (5/2008 - 1/2/2010).

      5.3 Organizational structure:

      Total number of employees of the department: 39 persons.


6. Achievements:

      The Department of Medical Equipment and Consumables Management was established in April 2000, it was a division in charge of the Pharmacy Department (before 1970) and Department of Technical Equipment (1980).

      Some achievements of the Department of Medical Equipment and Consumables Management in the past time (2006 - 2016):

      - Annually, the Department of Medical Equipment and Consumables Management supplies fully over 540 types of medical consumables with total value of about 300 billion VND, more than 1,000 types of high-tech medical consumables with total value of over 700 billion VND, ensure more fully for over 43,000 operations each year of the hospital.

      - The Department organizes the implementation of management, making plan for purchasing, repairing medical equipment and auxiliary equipment with quantity of over 2,300 different equipment, ensure the operation of over 30 clinical, para-clinical departments with over 49 operating rooms.

      - Manages, operates the medical gas system and provides average over 450,000 m3 of liquid oxygen gas, 800,000 m3 of suction gas and 500,000 m3 of compressed gas yearly. Ensure the continuous operation of gas supply station 24 hours/day.

      - Manages, operates, repairs the dynamic electricity system as well as electricity distribution to all hospital. On average, annually operates safely more than 10 million kWh of electricity.

      - Participates in training work for students, pupils and technology transfer, technical support for the hospitals at lower lines.

      - Participate in the key medical project management Board of the Ministry of Health to newly build the second foundation of Vietnam - Germany Hospital in Ha Nam.

      The Department of Medical Equipment and Consumables Management has contributed actively to the development of the Medical sector in general and Vietnam Duc Hospital in particular, has continuously awarded several emulation prizes such as: excellent labor, certificates of merit for many consecutive years by the Minister of Health (2009, 2011, 2014) and the Certificate of merit awarded by the Prime Minister (2013)…   

       General introduction / Department of Medical Equipment and Consumables Management / Vietnam - Germany Hospital.


7. Development orientation:

      - Accomplish the employees for: professional qualifications, foreign languages, informatics, professional skills, responsible spirit, improve the next employees…

      - Accomplish the procedures in managing medical equipment. Improve the efficiency of use, ensure the economic efficiency, meet timely and fully patient service demands.

      - Encourage the scientific research development, establish the scientific research group, take initiative and be creative in manufacturing, repairing research for medical equipment. Strive to annually have scientific research topics at all levels.

      - Complete the information technology application in managing the medical equipment.

      - Speed up the exchange and learning experience between the units in the sector.

      - Coordinate with the firms to organize training or workshop to update new technologies.

      - Continue to participate in works to support the lower lines, participate in project 1816 of the Ministry of Health and the Hospital.

      - Coordinate in accomplishing the infrastructure, receiving and putting into use the medical equipment to serve the operation of 13-storey High-tech building timely and effectively.

      - Participate in the key medical project management Board of the Ministry of Health to newly build the second branch of Vietnam Duc Hospital in Phu Ly City - Ha Nam Province.

      - Promote the achievement better in managing, supplying medical consumables, equipment. Actively participate in survey, seeking for new types of medical consumables, components for repairing the machines appropriately, compatibly at reasonable price to minimize the cost for the hospital in particular and for the patients in general.

       - Contribute the part to improving the medical examination and treatment efficiency, quality of the Hospital.