The “warm” heart of a multi-organ donor in Bac Giang revived in the chest of an 11-year-old child

12/10/2020 10:06

After nearly 20 days of heart transplantation, D.H – a pediatric patient, 11 years old, was able to walk, has normal activities and happily talk to doctors of the Cardiovascular and Thoracic Center, Viet Duc University Hospital. In just a few more days, she will be discharged from the hospital, return to her family, continue to nurture the dream of going to school, becoming a useful person for life. As for Mr. Vu Tri Suc, 44 years old, Duc Thanh, Tri Yen, Yen Dung, Bac Giang province – the person who has donated organs to save life for patient Q.H will surely smile on “the other side of the world”.


With Ms. Pham Thi Dao – Organ transplant consulting and coordination unit, Organ Transplantation Center – Viet Duc University Hospital, in 8 years of working with organ donation campaign, this is a very special case. On August 23, Mr. Vu Tri Suc unfortunately suffered a labor accident, brain-dead and is incapable of treatment. At Viet Duc University Hospital, Ms. Dao met Mr. Vu Tri Luc – patient brother and his uncle Nguyen Van Sang to advise and mobilize the family to donate organs. Uncle Sang and Mr. Luc personally support the donation of organs to save other people. However, there are still many barriers about relatives, it takes a long time to be able to mobilize people to agree. In particular, according to the law, Mr. Luc and Uncle Sang are not authorized to sign up for donation application form. Only his mother, wife and son (19 years old) can sign the form.


Vu Cong Manh, 19 years old – Mr. Vu Tri Suc’s son is filling out the donation application form while his mother is staying abroad and not yet able to return to Vietnam.


Due to the complicated developments of Covid-19 epidemic, Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhu – wife of Mr. Suc, who is working in Taiwan, cannot immediately return to Vietnam. From Viet Duc University Hospital, Ms. Pham Thi Dao – Organ transplant consultant and coordination unit, Organ Transplantation Center connected with Mr. Suc’s wife in Taiwan to persuade and mobilize the family to donate organs to save others. After 15 minutes of conversation, the joy is unspeakable when medical staff receive an agreement from Ms. Nhu, and it was Ms. Nhu who encouraged her son, authorizing her son to sign the organ donation form. All of Mr. Suc donated organs have been transplanted and brought life back to other patients ( heart, liver, 2 kidneys, 2 corneas). Additionally, other parts of Mr. Suc’ body such as blood vessels are also being stored and preserved at the Tissue Bank, Viet Duc University Hospital, waiting for transplantation for other patients. This is the first and only tissue bank in Vietnam established under the provisions of the Law on Donation, Removal, Transplanting of Human Tissue and Body Parts and Donate Bodies.


Mr. Vu Tri Luc – patient Vu Tri Suc (left) brother and Mr. Nguyen Van Sang – uncle of patient (right) share the story of their family donated organs to save people


Returning to Vietnam after a tiring day of looking forward to “mourning” her husband, but there are still 5 more days before quarantine is over after immigration. From the isolated area in Tra Vinh, Ms. Nhu always thinks “Giving away means remain forever”. The wish of Mr. Vu Tri Suc’ s family is a noble gesture that prolongs the lives of illness whom seemingly giving off all hope to revive once more.


The donor contributed to the record organ transplantation at Viet Duc University Hospital with 23 organs transplanted from August 30 to September 12. Including: 3 hearts, 4 livers, 16 kidneys (including: 8 kidneys from a living donor, 15 organs from a brain-dead donor). Currently, all organs are functioning well.


For the first time, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Center, Viet Duc University Hospital performed heart transplant for 2 patients in 2 consecutive days (September 11 and 12). Most recently, on September 16, doctors have transplanted a heart to a 60-year-old female patient in Ho Chi Minh City.


Also, for the first time within 10 days (from August 28 to September 8), Organ Transplant Consultation & Coordination Unit – Organ Transplantation Center (Viet Duc University Hospital) has successfully mobilized 4 families with brain-dead relatives, volunteered to donate 3 hearts, 4 liver, 8 kidneys, 20 blood vessels, 2 heart valves, 2 corneas.


From January, 2020 up to now, up to 3 families in Bac Giang province and 3 families in Thanh Hoa province have donated organs to save lives. This is also a record number from the organ donation campaign of the Organ Transplant Consultation and Coordination Unit – Organ Transplantation Center, Viet Duc University Hospital.

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