Specialist doctors, Spine Surgery


Nguyen Hoang Long M.D., M.A

Deputy chife of Spine Surgery



Deputy Chief of Spinal Surgery Department, Viet Duc University Hospital



Spinal Surgery.


Training and education:

2003: Graduated from Hanoi Medical University .

2006: Surgical Residency, Master of Orthopedic at Hanoi Medical University

2008: Fellowship at SMC Hospital – South Korea specialized in Spinal Surgery.

2009: Vertebroplasty by biocementation at SGH - Singapore.

2015: PhD. at Hanoi Medical University

2019: Mininally invasive surgery, lateral bone graft in Thailand and Australia.


Expetise strengths:

Spinal Orthopedic.

Spinal minimal invasion surgery.

Artificial intervertebral discs surgical replacement, dissecting anterior spine.

High cervical spine surgery.

Spinal Metastatic cancer, Primary spinal tumor, spinal cord.


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