Scientific research and Information technology


IMG_06121.Name of department: Scientific Research and Information Technology


2. Contact:

       Add: Office 108 - 110 - 203 – A1 Building – Viet Duc University Hospital

       Tell: - Office 108 & 110: (04) .38253531 - ext. 310 or 848 

                - Office 203: (04). 39286975 or 04.38253531 - ext. 469


3. History of development:

       Department of Scientific Research and Information Technology was established in May 2002, as a part of General Planning Department, Viet Duc Hospital. After 15 years with the development of the hospital, Scientific Research and Information Technology Department has developed and contributed to success of the hospital. At first, the Department has 1 Leader and 7 employees (some of them are part-time employees).  Now, there are 1 Leader, 2 sub-leaders and 14 employees are dedicated who are working at the department.


4. Functions and duties:

       4.1 Functions:

       Scientific Research and Information Technology Department is a functional department under the direct leadership of the Director board and responsible for the 2 main works: medical scientific research and information technology system of the hospital.

       4.2 Duties:

       Guidance and collaboration with scientists of the hospital to register, implement and approve all medical techno-scientific projects and experiment at ministerial and national levels

       Annual planning for all scientific projects of hospital.

       Organization of the scientific committee to approve all scientific projects at hospital level as well as other committees related to the scientific and experimental projects at all levels under responsibility of Viet Duc Hospital.    

       Publishing scientific research materials of the hospital.

       Organizing regular scientific discussions, specialized scientific sessions and scientific conference with foreign speakers at the hospital.

       Preparing monthly, quarterly, annual report on scientific research of the hospital.

       Certifying all scientific results and awards for hospital’s staff.

       Planning for information technology in hospital.

       Planning for installation and maintenance of information technology equipment.

       Managing and provide training on IT network of all units in hospital.

       Coordinating with other departments in hospital develop and apply the software program on hospital management.

       Maintenance of all IT equipment and software.


5. Personnel:

       5.1 Current leadership:

       Head: Ass. Prof. Dong Van He

       Deputy head: Ass. Prof. Duong Dai Ha

       Deputy head: Mr. Nguyen Luong Bang

       5.2 Predecessor leadership:

       Head: Prof. Trinh Hong Son

       5.3 Organizational structure:

       Number of personnel in the Department: 17 people


6. Achievements

       - Scientific research

       Encourage the scientific research activities: New, advanced techniques, special cases are collected, analyzed and reported in scientific workshop by hospital’s staff for study, exchange, learning lessons in order to improve their knowledge and skill to apply in the medical examination and treatment for patients.

       The hospital organize regular scientific workshop in Vietnamese, foreign language in order to create environment of exchange, learning for hospital staff. Furthermore, from 2006 to 2016, the Hospital also held many conferences, meetings, seminars such as international nursing conference, or several specialized conferences such as laparoscopy in neurosurgery, spine surgery, imaging diagnosis, anesthesia-reanimation … and around 200 scientific workshops with participation of foreign experts on nerve, anesthesia-reanimation, imaging diagnosis, neurology, digestives, endoscopy, organ transplantation….

       In 10 years from 2006 to 2016, Viet Duc Hospital has been an owner of 13 health scientific research studies at MOH level, 05 studies under the national key program, 07 independent studies at national level, 01 joint project with France according to bilateral governmental agreement, 01 provincial level study , 04 medical experiment studies . All these studies are related to advanced and new techniques which can be applied in medical examination and treatment, bringing a great economic and social impact.

       Furthermore, during the 110 year development of the Hospital, it is a time when Viet Duc Hospital is in charge of many national, MOH’s level scientific studies like this period. Especially 03 MOH’s level studies approved as excellent grade, 02 national level studies are assessed and approved as excellent by the National Council – Ministry of Science and Technology, other studies are assessed at good grade.

       Through scientific researches, advanced technical processes are built and applied in medical examination and treatment, improving the quality of services for patient. Especially, the Project of multi-organ transplantation from brain-dead donor of the hospital in 2010 is the result of implementing 02 previous researches: “Research of liver and kidney transplanting from brain-dead donor” and “Applied research on the human heart transplant taken from brain-dead people at Viet Duc University Hospital, Hanoi” and it has marked an important milestone in the development of organ transplant field in Vietnam. Achievements of the project has shown the success of Vietnam Medical system in the field of organ transplants from brain dead donor. It was the first time that a team of Vietnamese professors, doctors had successfully performed liver and kidney transplant for adults with organs from brain-dead donor. Results of the study confirmed the advantages and success of organ transplantations from brain-dead donor with 13 cases of heart transplantation, 26 cases of liver transplantations, 53 cases of kidney transplantation from brain-dead donor from 2010 to 2016. The study is a good starting step for the development of the organ transplantation field from brain-dead donor. Achievement of organ transplantations from brain-dead donor has been appreciated by countries in the world (Taiwan, Japan, France...) and contribute to improving the reputation of Vietnamese Medicine.

       Besides that, there was a study “Research on applied procedures of diagnostics and treatment of some common gastrointestinal diseases for the northern border and mountainous provinces”. This study had achieved meaningful result: to establish and train a team for diagnosis and handling 09 popular digestive surgical diseases in northern border and mountainous provinces; 22 standard processes; 39 articles; 01 book; training of 03 doctoral candidates (PhD); 01 specialty II doctor, 01 resident doctor. The study has been evaluated by National Science and Technology Council as: higher than planed quality and scientific grade, high significant meaning and high practical application not only for health sector but also for social, environmental sectors.

       - Information technology (IT)

       In 2004, the Hospital built and implemented hospital charge managing system to support quick, convenient and accurate payment. In 2006, the Hospital implemented testing managing system connecting laboratories for accurate receiving and returning results. In 2005-2008: the Hospital implemented a remote examination, treatment and consultancy system (telemedicine) under satellite hospital project in 1st phase. In 2010-2015: finish the implementation of hospital managing software (examination, treatment, materials…). In 2013-2015 the Hospital continued to implement satellite hospital project in 2nd phase with a modern telemedicine system. In 2015-2016: the Hospital has implemented electronic queuing system for CDHA department, testing department and waiting area to service & health insurance examination. At present, the Hospital continues to implement system for managing assets-equipments, personnel-salary-health dossiers for staff. Follow up and build hospital website, advise and implement plan of purchase, repair and maintenance of computer and informatics devices systems.

       Department of Scientific Desearch and Information Technology has achieved several awards from Minister of Health and Prime Minister. In 2014, our department had awarded National Labor Medal.


7. Development orientation:

       Our goals in the future:

       Promoting scientific research, developing local, MOH’s and national research projects

       Successfully implementing hospital’s software of inpatient management system deployment of systems management software full inpatient hospital.

       IT application in hospital management to reduce lost as well as labor cost.