Social work department


1. Name of department: Social Work Department


2. Contact:

                 Add: 2nd floor - building C3 - Viet Duc University Hospital.

                 Tel: 04.32668625 - ext 585


3. History of development:

       Date of incorporation: 16/4/2015 under Decision No. 586/QD-VD dated 16/4/2016 of Viet Duc University Hospital.

       Although incorporating for over 01 year, Social Work Department of Viet Duc University Hospital has established 04 divisions including: Patient support group; communication group; social assistance group and Traditional House management division. Each division undertakes the different functions, duties but all of them are aimed at renovating the style and attitude of serving of medical cadres to reach towards the satisfaction of patients.


4. Functions and duties:

       4.1 Functions: Social Work Department connects doctors and patients as well as patient’s relative with its function is to provide the social work services and to manage the social work at the hospital.

       4.2 Duties: 

       - Supporting the patients, patient’s relatives, doctors and medical staff to solve social and psychological issues.

       - Consulting the Director and departments, units in the hospital to solve the disputes arisen during the medical examination and treatment among the patients, patient’s relatives and doctors and medical staffs of the hospital as well as communication breakdown.

       - Holding the information, communication activities to popularize hospital images and activities society and community.

       - Holding the activities of mobilizing the participation, material and spiritual support from agencies, organizations and individuals to help the patients.

       - Being main contact in the relation with patients, individuals, organizations and communication agencies.


5. Personnel:

       5.1 Current leadership:

       Head: MA. Nguyen Trong Son

       Deputy head: PhD. Nguyen Dinh Hoa

       5.2 Organizational structure:

       15 members in the department including: 01 Ph.D, 03 MA., 05 bachelors, 06 college and junior college members.


6. Achievement:

      - The patient support group receives, evaluates and solves the issues which need to be supported in terms of psychology - society and administrative procedures, medical examination and treatment process to help reducing the waiting time and relieving the puzzled, worried psychology of the patient and patient’s relative.

       - Communication group of Social work department with the function of being information connecting bridge of care services, medical information, operation information of the Hospital with the service user successfully built the communication processes (Process of welcoming the press, process of providing and processing information, process of holding conference, workshop, event. Process of processing communication breakdown); establishing the close, friendly relation with communication agencies in deploying the communication activities on health education; Administering the communication channels (Website, Fanpage) to help advertising the image of Hospital and update the information of the hospital continuously to the resident. Professionalizing the communication activity of the Hospital.

       - Charity group coordinated with departments to timely grasp the case of patients with difficult circumstance to connect with kind heart individuals, organizations and contact the press for appealing the support.

       - Traditional house division was maintained and continues to collect historical documents, objects for storing and exhibiting.


7. Development orientation:

       Ensuring full execution of functions, duties of Social Work Department in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health.