Specialist doctors, Spine Surgery


Dinh Ngoc Son PhD.

Chief of Spine Surgery


Chief of Spinal Surgery Department, Viet Duc University Hospital.

Senior lecturer of Surgical Faculty at Hanoi Medical University.



Spinal Surgery.


Training and education:

1998: Graduated from Hanoi Medical University. 

2003: Residency at Hanoi Medical University. 

2006: Spinal Surgery course in Singapore General Hospital.

2005: Joint replacement surgery in Amedabat, India.

2007: Training courses in Europe (German, French Republic) about Joint replacement surgery both basic and advance.

2009: Basis Cervical Laparoscopic Surgery training course in Salzburg, German.

2014: PhD. at Hanoi Medical University. 

2015: Advance Spinal Laparoscopic Surgery training course in Frankfurt en Mains.

2016: Training courses updating new techniques in Spinal Surgery in Europe like: Spinal orthopedic, Lateral surgery (XLIP), Minimal Invasion Surgery (MIS), Artificial disc replacement of cervical spine and waist.

2017: Associate Professor


Expertise strengths:

Spinal orthopedic (scoliosis).

Cervical endoscopic Surgery, Lumbar spine disc laparoscopic surgery herniation treatment.

Minimally Invasive surgery in Spine pathologies (MIS, XLIP, minimally invasions like shaping mucus with high frequency waves ……





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