Specialist doctors, General Planning Department, Department of Septic Surgery


Nguyen Duc Chinh M.D., Ph.D

Chief of Department of septic sugery; Deputy chief of General Planning Department


Chief of Septic Surgery and wound care Department, Viet Duc University Hospital.

Chief of International Cooperation Department, Viet Duc University Hospital.


Digestive Surgery

Wound Care

Disaster Emergency

Septic Pathology in surgery.

Training and education :

1983: Graduated at Hanoi Medical University.

1989: Specialized Doctor 1st Degree at Hanoi Medical University.

1991: Residency, Paul Brousse Hospital, Paris, France.

1997: Hospital Management at Anteno University, Manila, Philippines.

2000: Laparoscopic surgery, En Chu Kong Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan.

2003: Specialized Doctor 2nd Degree at Hanoi Medical University.

2006: Laparoscopic surgery, Toranomon Hospital, Tokyo, Japan.

2007: Prehospital care in Burnie hospital, Tasmania, Australia.

2008: Prehospital care in Good Samaritan hospital, New York, US.

2010: PhD at Military Medical University.

2013: Disaster Emergency Haifa, Israel.

2015: Hospital Management, Born, Germany (Online training for 3 years).

2018: Disaster Emergency, Bangkok, Thailand.

2019: Disaster Emergency, Darwin, Australia. 

Expertise strengths:

Treatments for low digestive pathology (stomach, small intestine, colorectal, anus) in surgery.

Treatments for septic pathology in surgery and pathology (Tuberculosis, HIV).

Surgery Wound Care.


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