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Nguyen Hoang Hai M.D., M.A



Surgeon of Emergency and Outpatient Department, Viet Duc University Hospital.


ENT Surgery.

Training and education:

1994: Graduated from Hanoi Medical University.

1998: Bachelor of Laws at University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

1995: Orientation Cardiovascular specialty certificated by Vietnam National Heart Institute.

2000: Master Degree at Hanoi Medical University.

2005: Orientation Traditional Medicine specialty certificated by Hanoi Medical University.

2007: ENT Surgery FFI in French Republic (FFI).

2010: ENT & Maxillofacial – Plastic Surgery and Anesthesia face area advance study in French Republic.

Expertise strengths:

Management of snoring, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSA)

Eye socket plastic surgery  

Nose surgery (septum deviation, nasal congestion, nose post – trauma, cosmetic rhinoplasty, endoscopic nasal - sinus)

Head – neck Surgeries (thyroid adenoma, salivary adenoma, congenital fistula, hoarseness ...)

Maxillofacial Trauma.

Ear surgeries: atrial patch and orthopedic ossicles.

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