Specialist doctors, Department of Septic Surgery


Nguyen Minh Ky M.D., M.A

Head nurse of Department of septic sugery

2011: Occupational accident  treated at Viet Duc and National Institute of burn from  2006 -2009.  co-writer. Journal of Clinical Medicine Vietnam

2013 Evaluating the skill of clinical teaching of nurses through the project “ Improving the competency of the nursing teachers “ in association between QUT – Australia  and Viet Duc Hospital. Co-writer.  Journal of practical medicine. Nursing care to positive HIV patients treated at Viet Duc Hospital, from 2008 to 2011.

2014: Some remarks on Nursing Ostomy Care at the Department of Septic Surgery, Viet Duc Hospital; Nurse’ knowledge, attitude and practice of wound care through Vietnam’s nursing competency standard; 

2015: Compliance of nursing practice on giving preoperative prophylactic antibiotic at Viet Duc Hospital – a cross – study in 2014

2016: Effectiveness of Prontosan using to the wound care in preventing the SSI; Reviewing the knowledge  and practice of nurses after 12 months  re-trained  due to the national standards of wound care. ; Effectiveness of training in improving the quality of wound care as the competency standards at Viet Duc Hospital.

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