Specialist doctors, Department of Urology, The Center of andrology


Nguyen Quang Ph.D

Director of the Center of Andrology; Deputy Chief of Department of Urology, Vice President of Vietnamese Society for Sexual Medicine



Director of Andrology Center ( for male health) , Viet Duc University Hospital.



Andrology (for men)  – Urology – Kidney surgery.

Training and education: 

1994: Graduated from Hanoi Medical University.

1998:  Residency at Hanoi Medical University and awarded the Specialized Doctor 1st Degree.

1999: Training on urology surgery in Taiwan.

2001: Master Degree at Hanoi Medical University.

2008: Training urology surgery in United States.

2010: PhD. at Military Medical University .

2011: Training on urology and andrology in South Korea.

2017 : Associate Professor


Urological pathology – Andrology treatment: Prostate disease, hidden testes, varicose veins, …

Male genitalia repair, male genital aesthetic surgery: enlarging, lengthening the penis, fixing curved penis, …

Issues related to male infertility

Male sexual disorders: Erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, premature ejaculation, difficulty ejaculation, …

Psychological counseling, reproductive health … for men.


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