Specialist doctors, Anesthesia Surgical Intensive Care center


Nguyen Quoc Kinh M.D., Ph.D

Director of Anesthesia & Surgical Intensive Care Center


Consultant anesthesiologist

Former director of Anesthesia and Surgical Intensive Care Center, Viet Duc University Hospital.

Visiting lecturer of Hanoi Medical University, 108 Institute of Clinical Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Military Medical University, Thai Nguyen Medical University... 



Anesthesiology and resuscitation . 


Training progress:

1981: Graduated from Hanoi Medical University.

1988: Residency at Hanoi Medical University.

1997: Internship in Bangkok, Thailand.

1990: FFI residency in Paris, French Republic

2003: PhD at Hanoi Medical University.

2008 : Associate professor

2011 : Professor


Expertise strengths:

Anesthesiology in opened heart surgery

Brain-dead diagnosis

Anesthesiology in organ transplantation


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