Specialist doctors, Infection control department, Department of Septic Surgery


Pham Hai Bang M.D., M.A

Chief of Infection Control Department; Deputy chief of Department of Septic Surgery


Chief of Emergency and Outpatient Department;

Chief of Infection Control Department, Viet Duc University Hospital.


Gastrointestinal Surgery.

Training progress:

1992: Graduated from Hanoi Medical University.

2001: Master Degree at Hanoi Medical University.

2002: Residency at Auch Hospital, French Republic.

2007: Digestive Laparoscopic Surgery at Shing Kong Hospital, Taipei.

2019: Specialized Doctor 2nd Degree at Hanoi Medical University.

Expertise strengths:

Surgical treatment of Tracheal Stenosis.

Surgical treatment for Abscess of oral floor - neck - mediastinum.

Surgical treatment of pleural and lung diseases.

Surgical treatment of abdominal infections pathologies, gastrointestinal fistula.

Surgical treatment of anus – colorectal, perineal pathologies.

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