Specialist doctors, Hepato-Biliary Surgery, Personnel Department


Tran Dinh Tho Ph.D.

Chief of Personnel Department, Deputy chief of Hepato-Biliary Surgery


Vice director of Viet Duc University Hospital.

Deputy Chief of Hepato – Biliary Surgery Department, Viet Duc University Hospital.

Visiting Professor of Hanoi Medical University, Military Medical University.


Digestive Surgery, Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic.

Laparoscopic Surgery.

Training and education:

1991: Graduated from Hanoi Medical University

1995: Graduated as Residency at Hanoi Medical University and Viet Duc University Hospital.

1998: Training in French Republic, FFI at University of Limoges – French Republic.

2003: Training in Taiwan, Digestive Surgery: Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic at En Chu Kong Hospital.

2006: PhD. at Hanoi Medical University.

2015: Advance training in Digestive Surgery: Hepatobiliary at Toranomon Hopital - Tokyo.

Expertise strengths:

In-depth research about Surgery treatment for Stone Pathology in liver as well as Hepato-biliary, Pancreatic pathologies like: Liver cancer, Virus Hepatitis, common bile duct stone, Gallbladder stone, Pancreatic head Tumor, Bile duct Tumor, Acute Pancreatitis ... as well as Laparoscopic Surgery for hepato-biliary surgery

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