Specialist doctors, The Center of andrology


Trinh Hoang Giang M.D., M.A

Vice Director of The Center of Andrology



Vice director of Andrology Center (for male health), Viet Duc University Hospital



Andrology pathologies and surgery


Training and education:

2002: Graduated from Hanoi Medical University.

2006: Residency, Master Degree Hanoi Medical University

2008: Residency in Paris (French Republic) - Pierre Marie Curie University (Paris VI University).

2013: Training in Melbourne (Australia). 


Expertise strengths:

Reshape to increase penis size, enlarging penis and re-create new penis... and to repair the malformation (low and high deflective pee hole...).

Erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, ejaculation disorder …

Treatment of male infertility

Cancer Surgery: testicular cancer, penis cancer, prostate cancer ...

Andrological laparoscopic surgery and microsurgery

Andrological artificial materials placement surgery: place artificial testes, place artificial caverns.


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