Anatomic Pathology, Cytological pathology and Forensic Medecine


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        1.Department: Anatomic Pathology – cytological pathology and Forensic Medicine.


                        Address: B8 Building – Viet Duc Hospital

                        No.18, Phu Doan, Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem Dist, Ha Noi

                        Tel: 04.3253531 (Ext. 272, 273, 257).

      3. History of development

        Department of Pathology founded from the Liberation of Ha Noi in 1954, based on Pathology Unit of Phu Doan Hospital. At that time, the service was provided by the Radium Institute (now is the National Cancer Hospital) with Doctor Nguyen Nhu Bang was the Head of department.

         In this period, the missions of department were histopathology analysis, cytopathology and forensic examination. In 1968, the Oncology Department of Viet Duc Hospital was developed to the National Cancer Hospital. And the Pathology department was divided into two parts: one belonged to the new cancer hospital and the other belonged to Viet Duc Hospital until now.

        The Department including four principal units:

       - Cytopathology: Diagnosing and early detection cancer, diagnosing pre-operation.

      - Histopathology: Performing microscopic analysis

      + Sample room: describing and sampling in all kind of specimens from operation room.

      + Technological room: fixing and embedding, secssioning and stanning .

      + Frozen section room

      + Immunohistochemistry room

      + Molecular pathology room

       - Forensic medicine unit: adjudging certified trauma, abstracting medical record, other kind of legal papers and examining all case of forensic medicine.

       - Autopsy unit: corpse storage room, autopsy room and funeral hall.

        4. Function and mission

       4.1 Perform histopathological and cytopathological diagnosis, examine molecular biology in cancer.

       4.2 Perform corpse examination on demand of official organ, issue certified trauma, abstract medical record

       4.3 Scientific research: realize the themes of hospital, Ministry of Health and Government

       4.4 Training: undergraduate and postgraduate students of Pathology, Forensic Medicine and Surgery

       4.5 Help other hospitals in technology and specialty.

       4.6 International cooperation with American, France, Japan, Taiwan, ...

       4.7 Hospital and Economic management

         5. Human resources

       5.1 Actual leaders

         Nguyen Sy Lanh, MD., Head of Department

         Ha Xuan Hop, MA., Chief of technician

      5.2 Former leaders

        Prof. Nguyen Nhu Bang, Head of Department

       Prof. Nguyen Phuc Cuong, Head of Department

       Pham Kim Binh, MD., Head of Department

       Nguyen Thi Suu, Chief of technician

       Duong Tuyet Lan, Chief of technician

        5.3 Staffs

         Professor 1, Doctor 1, Master 5, Specialist II 1, Specialist I 1, Physician 2, licensed 3, Others 15

        6. Achievement

      - Carrying out medical tests in accordance with the process, examining slides and returning results on time without any technical mistakes

      - Maintaining and effective performing high technical tests such as examining cell block, helping to raise the exactness of making a diagnosis of fluid cytopathology. Frozen section intraoperation, perform tests diagnosis of transplant rejection and the diseases in transplantation.

      - Launch Dual Institute Hybridization (Dual ISH) in detecting amplification Her-2 in gastric cancer and breast cancer.

      - Testing mutation of satellite gens (MSI mutation) and BRAF gens in colorectal cancer

      - Testing molecular biology of EGFR mutation in non-small cell cancer of lung and KRAS mutation in colorectal cancer.

       7. Vision

        Continuing development and extension in others fields to meet a need of center diagnosis and scientific research in a special level Surgery hospital. The purpose is to develop to “Center of Pathology, Cytopathology and Forensic Medicine” with units:

       - Cytopathology: Diagnosing and early detection cancer, diagnosing pre-operation.

       - Histopathology: Performing microscopic analysis of surgical pathology, transplantation…

       - Unit of forensic medicine: adjudging certified trauma, abstract medical record.

         Specialization in each department, focus in the major fields of hospital:

        - Pathology of the diseases in transplantation: liver, heart, lung, kidney…

       - Pathology of nervous systems

       - Pathology of the diseases of digestive system, bone, soft tissue and surgical pathology.