Anesthesia Surgical Intensive Care center


  1. Name: Center of anesthesia and surgical intensive care (CASIC)
  2. Address: Floor 11th, Block D, Viet Duc Hospital

                    40 B, Trang Thi Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

                   Phone: + 84438253531 (ext: 595)

  1. History:

          CASIC was original from anesthesia department- AD (Viet Duc hospital) which was established in 1962. It, then, rapidly developed to fulfill its duty. During Viet Nam war period, in spite of evacuation, its tasks were ensured in saving critical patients as well as training junior anesthesiologists who had been become key members for Vietnamese Society of Anesthesiology (VSA) later on. After 1975, thanks to various assistances from international friends, AD developed rapidly and played a fundamental role for the creation of VSA which become member of World Federation Society of Anesthesiology (WFSA) afterward. Since 1990, AD has been grown significantly: from only 8 ICU beds and 7 operation rooms (OR) to 16 ICU beds, 16 OR in 2000. In 2007, AD had 21 OR, 20 ICU and 15 PACU beds. As a result, the numbers of inpatients were increased significantly. The upward trend also has been seen in numerous activities such as research, training and applying modern technology in diagnosis and treatment.

         In 2011, The Center of Anesthesia and Surgical Intensive Care (CASIC) was formed from anesthesia department of Viet Duc Hospital by the minister of heath. Its role is to lead the activity of anesthesia in Viet Nam. CASIC was expended and divided in to 3 units: anesthesia unit with 44 OR, ICU, PACU and Pain management unit has 44 beds for each. CASIC also has a simulation lab for training purpose. In 2015, because of enormous achievement, CASIC was awarded “Anh hùng lao động” by party and Viet Nam government.

  1. CASIC’s tasks:



          Resuscitating critical patients

          Education and training: It’s a clinical study place for junior doctors from Ha Noi Medical University, co-ordinate with other center in training young anesthetist, nurse and anesthesia nurse.

          Consultation: leading and assisting in various specify activities for province and local health center

          International friendship: collaboration and co-ordination with other anesthesia center in the world

          Research and apply novel technology

          Management medical tools and equipments, medical economy

  1. CASIC’s structure:

 It’s the largest unit of Viet Duc hospital and the largest center of anesthesia in Viet Nam which has the best anesthesia facilities and equipments including:

          Anesthesia unit: consist of 2 sub-units, 44 OR

          ICU: consist of 2 sub-units, 48 beds

          PACU and Pain management units: 5 sub-units, 48 beds

          5.1. Leaders:

          Director: Prof. Nguyen Quoc Kinh, M.D, Ph.D

          Vice director: Assoc prof. Trinh Van Dong, M.D, Ph.D

          Dr.  Nguyen Kim Lien, M.D, Ph.D

          Dr. Do Danh Quynh, M.D, MsC

          Head nurse: Pham Thi Ngoan

          Others: Nguyen Duc Hung, Le Thi Minh Ly, Tran Thi Thuy, Pham Thi Xuan Tuoi (Anesthesia Unit)

          Tran Xuan Phuc, Vu Thi Hang (PACU)

          Pham Dan Thanh, Phan Khac Diem (ICU)

          5.2. Ex-Leaders:

          Prof. Ton Duc Lang

          Prof. Nguyen Thu

          Prof. Chu Manh Khoa

          5.3. CASIC’s staff: 355 people including:

          Professor: 01

          Associate professor: 01

          Ph.D: 04

          MsC: 23

          Doctor: 06

          Resident: 09

  1. Achievements:

          6.1. Leading in anesthesia activities:

          CASIC has the highest number of in and outpatients: 45.000 cases per year, 150 cases per day on average. Emergency cases accounted for 25-30 %. 1300 patients in ICU annually

          CASIC is the final place where received and treat for high-risk, severe patients who cannot be cured in local or province hospital

          CASIC is main resource participating to treat victims in massive accidents and natural disasters such as: E1 Train crash in 2005, Chu Va bridge accident 2014, Car traffic collision in Lao Cai 2014, MI 171 Helicopter crash in 2015 

          6.2. CASIC is successful in multi-organ transplantation from brain dead donors:

          It plays a main role in organizing many stages preparing for transplantation.

          It places in first position regarding organ transplantation from brain dead donors.

          It is considered as the very first medical center where research, apply and built up a protocol for diagnosis, resuscitation of brain dead patients within Viet Nam.

          It trains and educates others medical center for this techniques. Furthermore, it conducts various research of transplantation.

          6.3. CASIC properly manages medical-economy, is a telling example for other health center.

          It ensures excellent quality of medical services with the cost (for main surgeries such as cardiac and transplantation) is equivalent to 1/3-1/5 ones of other private hospital

          It manages medical tools and equipments properly and prevents those from wasting and losing.

          It is considered as a model medical center in Viet Nam in term of medical activity, medical equipment and human resource management.

          6.4. CASIC is leading in innovation of modern technology, researching and applying it in clinical reality.

          CASIC applies numerous novel medical technologies in diagnosis and treatment: Ton That Tung maneuver hepatectomy, Cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass, Low-flow inhaled anesthesia, BISS, TCI, PCA, epidural pain management, Swan-Ganz, PiCCO, USCOM, SvO2, Intracranial Doppler… 

          Owning the largest number and the best quality of scientific research: over 200 scientific articles, 4 ministry-level researches and 7 national-level researches, 13 specialised textbooks

          Sciencetific rewards: The first prize for creativity in Anesthesia and Surgical Intensive Care; the “Vietnamese Talent” reward.

 6.5. Taking the lead in training and Direction of Healthcare activities

          Reinforcing professional knowledge constantly: daily clinical-lectures, monthly/every 3-month seminar. Trainees are resident doctors or qualify MA degree.

          The best clinical training facility of the society of Vietnam’s Anesthesiology: Having simulation training lab for Anesthesia and intensive care with a large number of experienced attending.

          Taking responsibility of training anesthesiologist: playing a role of practice place of the Anesthesiology Department – Hanoi Medical University. Beside, CASIC always trains the trainers with the help of simulation training lab, co-operates with The training and Direction of Healthcare activity center in training circulating nurses, scrub nurses and critical care nurses, anesthesiologists with a enormous member’s number.

          Publishing and sharing procedures and experiences of Anesthetic protocols for open cardiac surgery, transplant surgery.

          Playing a good role in “The satellite hospitals” program and “1816” program: about 30 doctors and 30 nurses participate in programs each year.

6.6. CASIC – Viet Duc Hospital is the united community accomplishes its duty given by policies of Communist Party and Government.

          Center is always the united community although it has a huge number of workers. Not only the party cell of the center but the other organizations got the best quality in 10 years constantly. The workers of the center also participate in many charity activities.

          The board of director and all member of center follow the decree No.43, the medical ethics and all the medical behavior rules. Our community always not only treats patients with all ability but also consolidate our benefits.

  1. The direction of development

          Reinforcing the professional activities: building up the anesthetic protocols, procedures, check-list and post-operative analgesia.

          Focusing on educational activities: making the healthcare workers who are able to treat on patients and be the best attending. Utilizing the advantage in the pre-clinical training.

          Getting more activities of practicing in many specialties which is not common in Vietnam.

          Doing professional in transplantation organs which are in brain dead patients: multiple-organ transplantation, lung transplantation, cardiopulmonary transplantation, split liver transplantation…

          Co-operating with the training and Direction of Healthcare activity center in widening subjects and training ranges, starting Primary Trauma Care training.

          Reinforcing the role of direction in Anesthesia in Vietnam: training the trainer not only have full-practice skills but also are able to teach and participate in activities of Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologist according to Circular No.13, 2012 (the guide of activities in Anesthetic professional).

          Following the plan of Ministry of Health about “the satellite hospital” program.

          Increasing the scale of its operation, besides preparing human resource for branch No.2 in Ha Nam province which is scheduled to have 40 operating rooms, 40 beds of ICU and to be in progress in 2017.