Blood Cente


  1. Center’s Name: Blood Transfusion Centre.
  2. Contact:

- Address: 2nd Floor – D Building – Vietduc Hospital.

- Phone Number: 043.8253531. Extension: 252.


  1. Historical Development:

- Established with the same period of hospital and through various phases, the origin is the part of the blood storage.

- 1961: The Department of Blood Storage was established from the part of blood storage.

- 2008: The Department of Blood Storage was changed its name to Department of Blood Transfusion .

- 2015: Vietduc hospital’s leadership issued a decision to establishing blood transfusion center.


  1. Functions and Duties

Blood Transfusion Centre carries out important tasks in which three major fields, including: blood transfusion, immunoassay, Stem Cell technology and PRP therapy.

4.1. Blood transfusion:

This is the top priority task of center, including the following activities:

- Collection of blood and blood components.

-  Production of blood products.

- Blood transfusion screening using modern techniques as luminescent chemical, electrochemical, molecular biology…

- Blood distribution: Perform compatibility tests in blood transfusion.

4.2. Immunoassay:

- Early detection of cancer tests: Tumor cancer marker for colon (CEA), liver (AFP), pancreas (CA19-9), stomach (CA72-4), breast (CA153), Ovary (CA125), Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)...

- Endocrinology test, thyroid function test, inflammatory marker (PCT)…

- Blood transfusion transmitted disease: HIV, HBV, HCV, Syphilis…

- Immunoassay in organ transplantation: HLA, PRA, Cross match.

4.3. Development of new biomedical technology:

- Autologous bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury: Collection and isolation  of mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow.

- PRP therapy for osteorarthritis.


  1. Personnel and Organization:

5.1. Current leaders:

- Head of Centre: Dr. Hoa Vi Quynh (Medical Master)

- Vice head of Centre: Dr. Nghia Quach Chinh (Specical doctor level 1)

- Leader technician: Mr. Tuan Anh Lương (Master in management)

5.2. Predecessor leaders:

1961-1970: Dr. Nguyen Huu Hanh

1970-1998: Prof. Dr. Ngo Quang Luc

1998-2008: Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Nga

2008-2012: PhD. Dr. Nguyen Thi Hue

2013- Now: MD. Dr. Vi Quynh Hoa

5.3. Staff:  The Center has 29 staffs.


  1. Achievement:

- The number of collected blood products increase every year: From 47.672 blood units (2014) up to 61.205 blood units (2015).

- Total of analysis test increase every year:

+ Blood transfusion transmitted disease test: From 123.285 tests (2014) up to 166.342 tests (2015)

+ Tumor cancer marker test: From 37.743 tests (2014) up to 48.131 tests (2015)

- From 2013, the Center applied many new modern techniques, such as: inflammatory marker (PCT), immunoassay in organ transplantation, biomedical technology in blood screening.

- The Center has participated in State level project with Department of Spinal Cord Surgery and many local level projects.

- In recognition of its achievements and contribution, the Center has been awarded the the Labour Order, third class, in 2012, certificates of merit by the Ministry of Public Health.


  1. Development orientation:

- Continue performance and development of current assays.

- Perform Quality Management with ISO 15189.

- Apply information technology for Blood Bank Management System.