Voluntary Treatment


  1. Name of department: On-demand Services Department
  2. Contact:

Address: 8 Phu Doan – Viet Duc University Hospital

Tel: Clinic: (024)38.289.852

Office: (024)38.253.531 (ext - 302)

  1. 3. Development history:

On-demand services department was established on January 1st  1999. It was born to meet people’ needs for medical examination and treatment better when living standards are improved, reduce hospital workload, build an exemplary model of medical examination and treatment both in terms of treatment and care for patients, and increase revenue for hospital and improving incomes of employees. It went through many names: semi-public department, optional treatment department, on-demand services department.

Department was renovated and upgraded from the old emergency clinic (8 Phu Doan). It is prioritized to fully equip facilities for medical examination and treatment: ultrasound, X-ray, testing, CT scanner, MRI, endoscopy ... it includes many units: clinic (general examination, cast, electrocardiogram, urology, minor surgery ...), operating room (2 operating rooms, 1 recovery room), patient wards (67 beds equipped with television, refrigerator, air conditioner, toilet …), laboratory, endoscopy room, ...

  1. Missions:

Department can serve all steps from medical examination, screening, ultrasound, testing ... to surgery, postoperative care for most of specialties: digestive, hepatobiliary, urinary, trauma ... Patients visit department were examinate and treatment by expert professors, doctors from own department, hospital, and other hospitals. Various modern and leading techniques are performed in department: laparoscopic surgery, joint replacement ... Doctors in department participate in all hospital activities: emergency duty, directing, postgraduate training, scientific research… it also participates in all activities of hospital like all other departments

  1. Personnel:

5.1 Incumbent leaders:

Head of department: Ass. Prof. Le Tu Hoang, MD, PhD

Deputy Head of department: Mr. Tran Chi Thanh, MD, PhD

Head nurse: Mr. Nguyen Ba Anh, MA

Sectional Head nurse: Mrs. Tran Thi Lua, BA

                                    Mr. Vu Huu Truong, BA (clinic area)

                                     Nurse Tran Thi Su (operation area)

5.2 Predecessor leaders:

     Head of Department:

    Ass. Prof. Doan Le Dan, MD, PhD (1999-2003)

     Ass. Prof. Nguyen Thanh Long, MD, PhD (2004 - 2019)

     Head nurse: Le Minh Huong (1999-2018)


5.3 Number of employees: 65 in total, including:

      - 9 Doctors (2 Assoc.Prof., 3 PhD, 3 MSc, 1 Second specialized level)

     - 46 Nurses (master, bachelor, college, intermediate)

     - 11 caregivers, 1 IT technician.

      * Rewards:

       - Department was awards with Excellent collective in 2000, 2009, 2015

       - Merit from Minister of MOH: 2002,2003, 2004, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2015

       - Merit from Prime Minister: 2008, 2011

  1. Development orientation:

  - Continue to maintain a model to ensure examination, diagnosis and treatment of patients from admission until discharge right in department.

- Coordinate with excellent doctors of VDUH and outside to ensure examination and treatment with the best quality of care for patients.

- Coordinate with patients and doctors to arrange operation schedule base on patient’s request when expert conditions were matched

- Deploying techniques and permitted applications of modern medicine to improve the quality of treatment of patients.

- Continuously train nurses both in terms of expertise and service sense and upgrade facilities to better serve patients.

- Providing comprehensive care for patient.

- Implementing tele consultation and health check.