Department of Neurosurgery I


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1.Name: Neurosurgery Department I



 Third floor – Building B1 – Viet Duc University Hospital

Outpatient consultation: Room 231 – second floor – Building C2

Phone: 04.38253531/04.38253535 (extension: 257,442,424)


3.Development History:

Foundation on 1956 with the collaboration of foreign experts, known as Neurosurgery Department (1A) with head of department Professor Nguyen Thuong Xuan and 30 beds.

Since 2015 become Neurosurgery Center of Viet Duc university hospital, Associate Prof. PhD. Dong Van He is director of the center.

The center is divided on 3 departments: Neurosurgery department I, Neurosurgery department II, Department of Neurology and Neurointensive Care Unit.



  • Diagnosis and treatment of TBI (traumatic brain injury) and pathology of brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves.
  • Formations: medical student and nursing student, postgraduate: residents, Master, PhD degree in neurosurgery
  • Scientific research
  • Orientations of Specialty: short and long course of neurosurgery
  • Administration of person, material and equipment of department
  • Wards
  • International collaborations


5. Personal organizations:

  • Head: Associate Prof, PhD Dong Van He
  • Vice head: Associate Prof, PhD Duong Dai Ha, Master Nguyen Thanh Xuan
  • Head nurse: BA Nguyen Thi Ngan


6. Previous head of department:

  • Nguyen Thuong Xuan (1957-1995)
  • Duong Cham Uyen (1995 – 1999)
  • PhD Tran Thuy Lan (1999 – 2002)
  • Second Degree Specialist Ly Ngoc Lien (2002 – 2014)


7. Staff: 12 doctors (2 Assistant Prof, 2 PhD, 8 Master), 40 nurses, 4 assitants


8. Achievement:

Diagnosis and treatment of neurology and neurosurgery diseases, TBI neurotrauma, vascular malformations, brain tumors, functional disorders, congenital malformations, spinal surgery… and peripheral nerve.

Endoscopy neurosurgerytoday  is used for treatment of brain tumor, hydrocephalus, cranial base tumors, aneurysms, neurovascular decompression…

Successful implementation of national projects about endoscopy surgery for intracranial diseases.

Functional surgery: treatment of epilepsy, Parkinson.

Treatment of cranial base tumors as meningioma, chordoma, pineal tumors, brainstem tumors, intraventricular tumors, sellar and parasellar tumors.

Practice training for students, doctors, specialists, masters.

Engage professional knowledge for another neurosurgical services and trauma center in the North

Collaboration with foreigns countries such as, France, Japan, Australia, USA, Germany, Korea,ASEAN countries: Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Singapore…


9. Oriented development:

Professional development and leading on endoscopy, pituitary adenomas, mini invasive neurosurgery, functional neurosurgery, skull base tumors, pontocerebellar angle, neurosurgical nursing…

National center of education and training of neurosurgical subspecialty, nursing care.

Associate Prof, PhD Dong Van He: Director of NS Center, head of scientific research and informatics department, head of NS department I

Scientific investigations:

100 scientific projects

chief of 1 national level project

chief of 5 projects at ministerial level

author of 3 books of profession and consult

Professional dedications: endoscopy, minimum access surgery, pituitary surgery, brain tumors, neurotrauma, brain infections.

Associate Prof, PhD Duong Dai Ha:

Scientific investigations:

More than 50 scientific papers reported

Chief of 2 branches of national level projects

Chief of 7 projects at grassroots level

Co-author of 5 books of neurosurgery

Professional dedications: mini invasive neurosurgery, brain tumors, skull base, endoscopy, spinal and spinal cord surgery, functional surgery…

MD Nguyen Thanh Xuan

Scientific investigations:

More than 20 investigations reported

Participation in branch of national level project

Coauthor of 2 books of neurosurgery

Professional dedications: Endoscopy surgery, minimum access, craniopharyngioma, pituitary tumors, skull base, neurotrauma, spinal cord surgery, brain tumors

PhD. MD Bui HuyManh

Scientific investigations:

Participation in national level project

Participation in ministerial project

Chief of 1 brand of national level project

PhD thesis: Microsurgical decompression of trigeminal neuralgia

MS.MD Nguyen DucHiep

Scientific investigations:

Chief of 1 branch of national level project

Participation in one ministerial project

MS.MD Le Anh Tuan

3 investigations reported

MS.MD Tran Dinh Van

2 investigations reported

MS.MD Pham Hoang Anh

1 investigation reported

BA Nguyen Thi Ngan

Head nursing in NS Department I