Department of Septic Surgery

Giới thiệu chung


        1. Name: Department of Septic Surgery


        2. Address:

        Building B5- Viet Duc University Hospital

       Tel: 04.38253531 (Ext.  256).


       3. History of development

          Since the Phu Doan Hospital (old name of Viet Duc Hospital) was returned over to the Vietnam Government, the Department of Septic Surgery (original was isolated ward) has been set up early in 1954. The first capacity of beds was only 10 to provide the care for the patients suffered from serious infections or communicable diseases. The first directorsthrough the years were Dr. Luu Van Thong, Dr. Pham Phu Quy and Dr. Nguyen Huu Gioi. During the period of Communism began, and the American Air force attacked to the Northern part of Viet Nam, it’s always as an important ward to contribute effectively to the success of treatment both army and civil patients whom had serious diseases or needed to be operated on.

       In 1974, the ward was changed the name to the Department of Septic Surgery with 13 beds in total leading by Dr. Pham Long Chuong. The ability of treatment of the patients was improved.

       In 1997, due to the HIV positive patients together with the communicable diseases associated have been increased, the department was extended to 20 beds to meet the needs. Since 1998 up to now, Ass. Prof. Nguyen Duc Chinh is the chief of department.  The department has contributed amazing in providing the medical services to the patients suffering from serious diseases or infectious complications such as Descending Mediastinal Infections; Intestinal Fistula; Important wound of perineal due to injuries; Tetanus, Colostomy.And recently the department gets more cases of intestinal tuberculosis complicated, or HIV positive patients and has treated them successfully.

      In 2011 the department of Septic Surgery has moved to the new place and extended to 27 beds, and then the beds number was increased again up to 37 in 2015 it has been seated in all the present building


4. Medical mission:

      As it’s name is Septic Surgery, it can treat and cure the patients suffering from serious disease or complications of important infections such as Descending Mediastinal Infections; Intestinal Fistula; Lung abscess and empyema, Important wound of perineal due to injuries, Ostomates, Proctology and colon diseases and recently a lot of patients suffering from Tuberculosis, Tracheal stricture,Fournier gangrene.... orHIV/AIDS patients needed to be operated on, and admitted to the department. Since the beds capacity was increased since 2015 to 37 beds, more patients and more complicated cases are to come.


5. Organization:

      5.1.  Current directors board

       Chief: Ass.Professor, Nguyen Duc Chinh, MD, PhD, Second Degree Specialized Doctor

      Vice Chief:  Pham Hai Bang, MD, MA

                           Pham Van Trung, MD, MA

       Head nurse: Nguyen Minh Ky, RN, BA

       5.2.  Staffing

       Ass.Prof. PhD level: 01

       Master level: 04

       Bachelor level: 04

       Vocational level: 03

        Diploma (Basic BSc Nursing): 14

        Officer: 01

        Assistant Caregiver: 02


        There are 37 beds, including:

        10 beds for treating the patients suffered from communicable diseases

        5 beds for caring HIV positive patients

        Other for septic surgeries,

        Medical facilities: to perform all basic and advanced life supports such as central suction, monitors, electric syringes, spirometer, medical gas, mobile ventilator ...


6. Achievements

          With the bed capacity is 37 at the moment, the department of septic surgery provides the medical care to the HIV positive patients as well as the patients who suffer from serious health problems that they should be hospitalized longer such digestive fistula, malnutrition, or communicable disease... so the patient number is increased by years.

       The patients have above-mentioned problems almost transferred from the Northern part of Vietnam. Even they had serious problem such as Ludwig’s angina, Descending Mediastinal Infections, Lung abscess, Lung aspergiloma, Empyema, Complicated intestinal fistula... they were cared and treated successfully and of them, a lot were discharged with good outcomes.

Honored awards:

          Labor medal ofsecond-degree: Decree No.1887/QD-CTN dated on August 6th, 2014

          Meritedfrom Prime Minister: Decree No.1637/QD-TTg on Sept.21st, 2011

          Merited from Health Minister during the years of 2009-2011-2013

          Outstanding team in last years


7. Future plans and orientations

        Improving the quality of professional activities to serving the patients having serious health problem such as complicated diseases or serious infections transferred from provinces for further care and surgeries. In the same time, the department of septic surgery implements the high technology in caring and treating the patients such as laparoscopic surgery, or critical care, stent to tracheal strictures, wound care …

       Strengthen the training and education in collaborating with surgical faculty of Medical Universities for the medical students and nurses. It should focus on clinical training and practice. Also welcomes the foreign students such as Australian, French, and German. To get experience of health care system in Vietnam as well as infectious pathologies particularly.

       Improving the quality of nursing practice in implementing “ the patient’s safety program“, or “ the patients are centered care “ …which help to reduce the errors or adverse events.

       Promoting the management and administration in using the medical facilities to provide good service to the patients, also to create the safe environment to health workersand offer them good income. There are some private rooms provide good service in demand of patientsso it can provide good income to the department and staff.

       Facilitating staff to get updated knowledge and training. Some will be selected to get high level education as postgraduate level both in home (specialized second degree, PhD, MA) for doctors and nurses and abroad for a short term training in Korea, Japan, Taiwan...

       Motivating staff to do the initiative and scientific researchimplementing to the practices in order to improve the quality of care.