1. Address:

      No. 153, C5

      Tel: 043.825.353535  Ext: 292


2. History of development:

  • 1987-1994: The hospital's pharmacy under the Faculty of Pharmacy
  • 11/1994 - present: The Hospital Pharmacy was separated from the Faculty of Pharmacy and operated as one independent faculty under the management of the Hospital Management Board and the Faculty of Pharmacy.

3. Organization of Human Resource

      3.1. Former leaderships:

      Pharmacist Nguyen Thi Ngu : 1994 - 2000

      Specialist Pharmacist 1 Cao Thi Minh: 2000 - 2016

     3.2. Present leadership:

     Master, Pharmacist  Do Thi Thu Huong (since 2016)

      3.3. Photos of the staff

      3.4. Number of staff

      Total: 12

      Master, Pharmacist : 01

      Specialist pharmacists 1 : 01

      B.S. in Finance: 01

      Finance College: 01

      Intermediate Pharmacist: 07

      Junior/vocational Nursing: 01


4. Function and duty of the faculty:

* Function: Under the management of the Hospital's Management Board, the Council of Pharmacy and Treatment, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Hospital Pharmacy works closely with the Faculty of Pharmacy to serve fully the demand of the hospital's patients on medicine, consumable materials, nutritious milk in high quality condition.

* Duty:

- Opening 24/24 for every day including Sat, Sun and holidays to supply medicine, consumable materials and nutritious milk for in- and out-patient.

- Preserve medication strictly as "Good Storage Practices - GSP"

- Keep good serving attitude: friendly and dedicatedly in selling and instructing drug usages.


5. Brief achievement of the faculty:

- To be a best material supply and service unit in the hospital making contribution significantly on a high quality treatment service in order satisfy patients.

- To be active and creative to fulfill the duty of serving the patient 24/24, adequate medication at high quality and reasonable price.

- Increasing income for the hospital.


6. Development orientation:

- Developing medication on quantity and quality, medical consumable supplys and nutritious milk to meet timely the increasing number of bed, and increase the caring quality for patients before, during and after surgery. 

- Under the direction of the Hospital's Management Board and the Faculty of Pharmacy, to organize leanings and exchanging pharmaceutical information with local and international partners, to catch up with up-date treatment methods to supply medication in adequate, high quality and reasonable price.