Emergency abdominal surgery Department


    1. Name of department: Emergency abdominal surgery Department & Laparoscopic surgery center
    2. Contact:

    Address: 4 th floor – D building

    Clinic: No. 260 – C2 building

    On-demand clinic: No.7 - C2

    Tel: (024)38.253.531 (ext: 225)

    1. Development history:

     Emergency abdominal surgery department was born from the early days of establishment of hospital with the name of “ Abdominal Emergencies - 78 Department”. With many generations of leading professors who have led and built department: Prof. Nguyen Buu Trieu – MD, PhD; Ass. Pham Van Phuc – MD, PhD; Prof. Nguyen Van Duc, – MD, PhD; Ass. Nguyen Duc Ninh– MD, PhD; Academician and Ass. Prof., Ton That Bach – MD, Prof. Tran Binh Giang– MD, PhD; Ass. Prof. Nguyen Duc Tien – MD, PhD; and now Dr. Duong Trong Hien - MD, PhD.

    As the cradle of Vietnam’s surgical field, the largest surgical center in country, VDUH is associated with the name of famous surgeon Ton That Tung and the Vietnamese liver surgery method named after him, has been popularized around the world for nearly 4 decades. Continuing the achievements, with the leadership of Prof. Tran Binh Giang – MD, PhD, and Ass. Prof. Nguyen Duc Tien – MD, PhD, department has thrived in the field of laparoscopic surgery. Currently, Emergency abdominal surgery department is a leading unit in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases such as hepatobiliary, esophagus, stomach, colorectal and pancreas of country.

    1. Missions:

    4.1 Examination and treatment activities: 

    April 8th , 2015, department has moved to a high-tech building with 83 beds:

    With many high-quality on-demand wards directly treated by leading professors and doctors, in addition to a team of well-trained and experienced nurses. On-demand wards are fully equipped with monitoring equipment such as 5-parameter monitor system, medical gas system, and central vacuum to ensure active treatment in serious and complex cases.

    Besides that, department always conducts consultation and interventions with leading units in hospital such as anesthesia – intensive surgical care department, Imaging diagnosis department, endoscopy, oncology, microbiology, and anatomic pathology to have the most effective and safe treatment plan for patients.

    4.2 Training activities: 

    In the past year, department has received and trained many  students, trainees, postgraduate in country also international students in clinical practice and learning as well as surgical techniques at department.

    4.3 Scientific research:

    Carrying out scientific research projects at hospital level to contribute to improving treatment efficiency.

    Completed 02 state-level projects, 01 ministry-level project and one city-level project.

    Many doctoral, masters, specialist level II and specialist work and subjects have been performed in department.

    4.4 Direction of healthcare activities:

    Working with Direction unit to receive patients at lower level, promptly provide information to learn from difficult operations and send surgeons to help with professional work.

    4.5 International cooperation:

    Department accepts French, American and Australian students to do clerkship. Department with hospital to cooperate with a number of countries to learn about expertise as well as upgrade modern medical equipment

    4.6 Economic management:

    Managing well finance, combating wastefulness and loss of hospital fees in the department; providing specific regulations on the management of consumables and drugs…

    4.7 Preventive healthcare:

    Fully participate in movements as well as disease prevention campaigns launched by hospital and well implement disease prevention programs launched by MOH.

    1. Personnel:

    5.1 Incumbent leaders:

    Head of department: Dr. Duong Trong Hien, MD, PhD 

    Deputy Head of department: Dr. Le Viet Khanh, MD, PhD 

    Head nurse: Mrs. Tran Thu Ngan, MA

    5.2 Number of employees:

          - Professor: 01

          - Associate professor: 02

          - PhD: 02

          - Master: 06

          - Nurse (bachelor): 07

          - Nurse (college): 06 

          - Nurse (intermediate): 23

          - Nurse (basic): 01

    1. Achievements:

          - Third-class Labor Medal (2009): Decision No: 476/QĐ - CTN on 01/04/2009.

          - Merit from Minister of MOH (2009): Decision No: 1965/QĐ - BYT on 8/6/2010.

          - Merit from Minister of MOH (2009):  Decision No: 927/QĐ - BYT on 27/3/2012 

          - Merit from Prime Minister (2013): Decision No: 1446/QĐ - TTg on 19/8/2014

          - Merit from Minister of MOH (2014): Decision No: 826/QĐ - BYT on 12/03/2015.

    - Merit from Prime Minister (2020) 

    1. Development orientation:

       Emergency abdominal surgery department is striving to become a leading Emergency abdominal surgery center of country, especially developing in the field of laparoscopic surgery for abdominal diseases and injuries. It is a trusted address for patients and a high-quality training destination for human resources in the health sector.