Gastro - Intestinal Endoscopy


       1. Name: Department of Gastro Intestinal Endoscopy


       2. Contact information:

            Address: 3rd floor - Building D, Viet Duc Hospital

            Telephone: 04.38253531 / 04.38253535 (ext. 291)


       3. History of the developments:

            In the late of 1980s, Endoscopy was introduced and trained by doctor Jean Mari Tigaut from “Medecine du Monde” – a Non-Government-Organization to surgeons and nurses in Viet Duc Hospital. After that training course, doctor Mai Thi Hoi and doctor Nguyen Kim Hoa established the Gastro - Intestinal Endoscopic Unit, a part of the Diagnostic Imaging Department in 1991.

            Since 2005, this Unit has developed and expanded to become the Gastro-intestinal Endoscopic Department, and doctor Mai Thi Hoi was appointed to be the Head of department, and the Chief Technician is Nguyen Kim Hoa.

            After the first generation, doctor Chu Nhat Minh has taken the position of the Head since 2015.

            During the starting years, all medical equipments were donated by Medecine du Monde Organization. At that time, the Unit had only one room which was used for many purposes such as: procedure room, meeting room, storage room, and so on. In 1998, it had 3 separated rooms with 2 examination tables in The Emergency Department.

            Since May 2015, the Department of Gastro Intestinal Endoscopy has been located in the 3rd Floor, Building D of Viet Duc Hospital with 4 procedure rooms, 2 cleaning and disinfection rooms and 1 recovery room with the most modern scopes of OLYMPUS.


       4. Functions and responsibilities

            4.1. Diagnostic GI endoscopy:

            - Upper GI endoscopy - Lower GI endoscopy

            - GI endoscopy for pediatric patients

            4.2. Therapeutic GI endoscopy:

            - Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

            - Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy

            - Removing the foreign bodies

            - Endoscopic Polypectomy in GI tract.

            - Endoscopic Mucosal Resection for early cancer of GI tract

            - Dilation of GI stricture

            4.3. Training:

            - Endoscopic technique

            - Therapeutic endoscopic technique

            4.4. Scientific research:

            4.5. International cooperation

            4.6. Giving direction to lower level hospital…


       5. Organization’s structure

            5.1. The present leaders

            -The Head of Department:  Dr. Chu Nhat Minh

            -Vice Head of Department: Dr. Do Trong Khieu

            -The chief nurse: Le Trong Luan

            5.2. The former leaders

             -The Head of Department: Dr. Mai Thi Hoi

            -The chief nurse: Nguyen Thi Kim Hoa

            5.3. The number of staff in the department

            - 3 doctors: Chu Nhat Minh, Do Trong Khieu, Pham Thi Viet Ngoc.

            - 7 nurses

            - 3 anesthetic technicians


          6. Achievements:

            - Completing medical examination and treatment mission remarkably. The hospital always applies science and technology to special fields, keeping up with neighbor countries.

             - Deploying therapeutic endoscopic technology as a key. Thereby, the hospital continually holds its position in the country. Apparently, the number of patient attending examination and treatment has increased more and more yearly (2014: 12415 bouts ,2015: 13842 bouts ,10/2016: 14420 bouts)

            - Training local doctors and doctors in local hospitals based on the program of Viet Duc Hospital and Ministry of Health

            - Research projects: Completing one nation subject and other branch ones.

            - International network: Cooperating with many advanced medicine level countries such as: France, USA, Korea,…


            - Excellent Labor Collective (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

            - Merit of Ministry of Health (2009, 2011, 2013)

            - Merit of Prime Minister (Decree 1022 / Decree – Prime Minister 02/07/2010)

            - Labor Medal III (Decree 2200 / Decree – President 13/12/2012)


          7. Development Orientation

          - Maintaining and enhancing examination and treatment quality

          - Educating more human resources

          - Developing the department: Open more daytime treatment institutions

          - Taking part in researching.