General Planning Department




  1. Name: General Planning Department
  2. Contact:

Address: Room 201, 2nd floor - A2 building – Viet Duc University Hospital

            Tel: 024.38253531 (etx - 313)/ 024.38250783

  1. Development history:

            The General Planning Department, formerly known as the Medical Affair Department, was officially established to help the Board of Directors handle administrative affairs, manage medical records, medical records duplication, death procedures instruction, and allows legal agencies to settle disputes related to treatment of patients.

            Since 1990, the Medical Affair Department was renamed to the General Planning Department. At present, General Planning Department is divided into 5 professional groups: Office, Medical Affair , Archiving Medical Record, Statistical Unit and Library.

  1. Missions and duties:

4.1 Duties: General Planning Department is the professional division that is directly led by Director and is responsible to Director for:

        - Operational plans of hospital, faculties, departments and centers.

- Checking the implementation of hospital regulations

- Directing professional activities of hospital

4.2 Missions:

- Guide departments to plan the implementation of hospital's activities.

- Organize, monitor, encourage, evaluate and efficiently implement of hospital plan and regulations to report to Director for consideration and direction.

- Review of professional work evaluation

- Develop a technical professional development plan of Hospital

- Organize permanent work for the whole hospital.

- Guide Health Insurance and Social Insurance provisions to institutes, faculties, offices and centers.

- Store, do statistics and explore medical records according to regulations; organize the excerpt of medical records to serve competent authorities with sufficient authority to deal with policies and regimes for patients being treated at hospital.

- Coordinate with Training & Direction of Healthcare Activities (TDHA) to direct and provide professional technical support for lower levels.

-  Prepare plans to prevent natural disasters, disasters and other extraordinary cases to submit to Director and organize to implement.

4.3. Activities:

-  Making plans

+ Check and supervise treatment activities and advise Director Board on the professional operation of hospital.

+ Develop a master plan for the development of hospital's technical expertise.

+ Make a quarterly and annual plan on hospital operations.

+ Make plans for treatment, prevention, and natural disaster prevention

+ Examining and evaluating the implementation of professional regulations

+ Ensure internal and external professional consultation.

- Statistical - Report:

+ Make statistics on the results of activities of the units according to the establishes plan.

+ Make statistic data related to professional activities serving the hospital inspection.

- Settlement of health insurance

+ Coordinate the implementation and guidance of Insurance regulations for the implementation institutes, faculties, offices and centers.

+ Report and propose to the Insurance agency problems when implementing health insurance regimes at hospital.

+ Check and monitor health insurance records.

+ Health insurance assessment support

+ Receive and resolve questions and complaints of patients and patients’ family.

+ Handling requests of patients, police agencies, insurance agencies ... about: medical summary, photo of medical record, injury certificate, film copy ....

+ Develop a duty schedule, surgery schedule for the whole hospital. Check reports on duty days of departmental staff.

+ Receive, monitor and report feedback via hotline

- Archiving Medical Records :

+ Store and exploit medical records in accordance with regulations.

+ Ensure safety in the prevention of fire, explosion, termites and mold according to regulations.

  1. Personnel organization:

5.1. Incumbent leaders:

Head of department:      Mr. Pham Gia Anh, MD, MSc

Deputy heads:

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang, MA

Mr. Do Manh Hung, MD, PhD

5.2. Predecessor leaders:

Dr. Do Thien Thu, Dr. Phan Manh Hien, Dr. Nguyen Manh Tien, Dr. Pham Phu Quy, Ass. Prof. Nguyen Manh Nham, MD, PhD; Prof. Trinh Hong Son, MD, PhD; Ass. Prof. Nguyen Duc Chinh, MD, PhD Ass. Prof. Nguyen Duc Tien.

5.3 Number of employees: 36 staff

01 PhD, 01 MD,MSc, 01 level II specialist Doctor,  04 doctors, 01 senior expert, 11 experts, 15 staff, 2 technicians.

  1. Achievements:

- Excellent collective worker continuously up to now

- Merits and Sudden Merits from Minister of MOH: 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2016, 2018…

- Merits from Prime Minister in 2006, 2013

- Third Class Labor Medal in 2009, 2016

  1. Development orientations:

Over 110 years of establishement and development, along with the continuous growth of hospital, up to now, General Planning Department has become one of the important functional departments, advising and assisting Director Board in the professional aspects of hospital, has changed the structure, functions and duties to meet the development needs of hospital, has especially upgraded and completed the working process in each professional group according to ISO – 9001.

- Office: is the operating unit of Department, connecting acvities between professional groups. Document system, reports are issued, processed and stored scientifically on software of hospital and departments.

- Medical Affair Unit: Settle all issues related to expertise, schedule surgery, lawsuits questions, provide excerpts of medical records and injuries; Organize and build a schedule for surgery, hospital operation schedule.

- Statistic unit: Provide scientific and accurate data about professional activities of hospital.

- Archiving Medical Records: manage all medical records on software to ensure that they are archived scientifically, accurately and easily re-provided when there is a need to use. Equipped with warehouse system, standard storage racks.

- Library: upgrading library towards building electronic libraries, managing books, newspapers and magazines by software.