Infection control department



  1. Infection Control Department


  1. Contact information:

       Address: Infection Control Department – Viet Duc Hospital

       Tel:  04.38253531 (ext. 346). 


  1. History of development:

        Abide by the Decision 728/VĐ-QĐ, Department of Infection Prevention was set up on 20th Nov, 2000 including 06 part-time officials.

        Abide by the Decision729/VĐ-QĐ on 27th Nov, 2000.

        Dr. Le Van Binhwas appointed to bein charge of the Head of Department

        Dr. Le Thi Thieu Hoa was appointed to become the Deputy Head of Department (2000-2006)

       Abide bythe Decision 448/QĐ-VĐ, Center of Drying – Steaming - Sterilization was merged into Department of Infection Prevention on4th May, 2006.

       Abide by the Decision 753/QĐ-VĐ, Dr. Le Van Binh was appointed to become the Head of Department(2007 – 2010) on 26th Sep, 2007.

      Abide by the Decision 1116/QĐ-VĐ,Department of Infection Prevention was renamed to Infection Control Department on 31st Dec, 2009.

      Abide by the Decision 677/QĐ-VĐ, MSc Hoang Giang was appointed to be in charge of the Head of Department on 19th May, 2011.

      Abide by the Decision 2005/QĐ-VĐ,Laundry Center was transferred to Infection Control Department on 28th Dec, 2011.

      Abide by the Decision 245/ QĐ-VĐ,Laundry Center was renamed to Laundry Unit,it was under the direction of the Infection Control Department on 27th Mar, 2013.

       MSc Pham Hai Bang was appointed to become the Head of Department on 01st Dec, 2014.


     Along with the expanding of the Department, from 06 part-time officials to 53 officials with 04 units now, the Infection Control Department has had many outstanding achievementsin people’s health care. Especially, ithas contributed a lot to the improvement of patient- care quality.


  1. Functions and assignments:

    4.1 Planning annual Infection prevention andControl programs to submit to Council of Infection Control and Board of Directors

    4.2 Implementing Infection control process, regulatingcomply with Ministry of Health’s regulations, guidance.

    4.3 Coordinating with other departments tosupervise infection control work in the hospital

    4.4 Supervising services, occupational accident management

    4.5 Providingmedical instruments and sterilizedmaterials for operation rooms in the hospital.

    4.6 Assorting and collecting medical solid waste in the hospital 

    4.7 Coordinating withDepartment of Administration andDepartment of Microbiologyto manage and resolve waterissue in the hospital.

    4.8 Coordinating withDepartment of Pharmacy, Department of Microbiology to keeptrackof bacteria resistance and rational use of antibiotic

    4.9 Coordinating withDepartment of Nutrition to supervise the food safety and hygiene in the hospital

    4.10 Training for health care workers on Infection control in the hospital

    4.11 Participating in scientific research work, international cooperation


  1. Personnel structure

     5.1 Current Heads:

          MSc Pham Hai Bang – Head of Department

          MSc Hoang Giang – DeputyHead of Department

         BSc Nguyen Van Dung – Chief technician

    5.2   Personnel

Supervision and Administration unit: 06 officials (2 MSc, 1 doctor, 3 BSc)

    Sterilization unit: 6 officials.

     Logistics unit: 12 officials.

     Laundry unit: 29 officials.


  1. Bonus:

       Minister of Health’s merit certificate in 2010.

      Excellent working team in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015


  1. Development orientations:

        Develop to a Sterile services Department.

        Strengthen collaborative relationships with domestic and international organizations in infection control.

        Continuously participate in training and doing scientific research

        Implement assignments excellently.