Medical equipment and consumables management




1. Name: Department of Medical Equipment and Consumables Management

  1. Contact:

Address: Room 207 – 2nd Floor – A2 building – Viet Duc University Hospital

Tel: (024) 38.289.269/ (024) 38.253.531(Ext 317, 818)

  1. Development history

Before 1970: the Department of Pharmacy Management.

After 1970, the Department was separated into one specialized division in charge of managing and operating medical equipment.

In 1980, the Biomedical Department of was established with 5 groups: Mechanical, Electrical, Generator, Water-oxygen supplies, and Medical electronics.

April 2000: Renamed the Biomedical Department to the Department of Medical Equipment and Consumables Management, including 04 groups: Medical Equipment Management and Repair; Supply Planning; Medical Gas and Electricity.

By December 2016, Electricity group transferred to the Administration and managing Department. The Department of Medical Equipment and Consumables Management restructured into 03 groups:

  • Medical Equipment Management and Repair group
  • Supply Planning group
  • Medical gas operation


  1.  Missions and duties

Advising, focal point for making plans and estimating purchase, organizing bidding, repair and maintenance of medical equipment, consumable medical supplies, high-tech supplies, etc

Planning to install and renovate the machine in accordance with  Vietnamese code.

Documenting and recording, and managing all medical equipment; periodically evaluating the management and usage of medical supplies and equipment.

Managing the distribution warehouse, and supplying medical materials and equipment to other faculties and departments as planned. Statistical management and monitoring of the usage of all supplies and equipment in the Hospital.

Managing, being on duty, and operating the central medical gas, supplying compressed air and vacuum 24 hours daily. Repair and maintenance of some items /devices as well as medical gas systems.

Receiving medical equipment from ODA projects, and foreign loans.

Training for students in biomedical electronics engineering: College of Medical Equipment Engineering – The Ministry of Health.

Participating in international cooperation in the field of medical equipment engineering, receiving and transferring medical equipment technology.

Participating in projects to build up, renovate, and upgrade the facilities of the Hospital.

Taking part in the Board of Medical Project Management of the Ministry of Health.

  1. Department staff:

5.1 Incumbent leaders:

Deputy Head of Department: Nguyen The Dat, MA (December 2013 - present)

Hoang Bao Anh, MA (April 2018 - present)

5.2 . Predecessor leaders:

Head of Department:Dinh Hong Thai, MA (6/2013 - 2021)

Head of Department: Nguyen Tien Thoai, Engr. (1980 - 1984)

Senior expert. Dinh Manh Huy (1994 - 2004)

Senior engineer. Lai Xuan Hung (2004 - 2010)


Deputy Head of Department: Nguyen Ngoc Minh,Engr. (1980-1982)

Engineer. Nguyen Quoc Hanh (1984 - 2000)

Engineer. Dinh Chinh Thang (1992 - 1993)

Engineer. Lai Xuan Hung (1998 - 2004)

Engineer. Dao Van Minh (May 2008 - February 2010)

5.3 Staff members:

By January 2021, the Department of Medical Equipment and Consumables Management consists of 45 people, of which 31 on the payroll, 39 at postgraduate degrees, university degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and college degrees; and 14 contract employees.

  1. Achievements:

- Second-class Labor Order (in 2019) and Third-class (2009) conferred by the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;

- Merit from the Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 2006 and 2014;

- Merit from the Minister of Health from 2007 to 2018.


  1.  Development orientation

Improve the capacity, professional qualifications and skills for the staff of the department in terms of state management.

Improve the skills of the team of engineers and technicians.

Promote the application of information technology in the management, consultation, proposal, planning and procurement of medical supplies and equipment. Transparent bidding for procurement of goods on pubic internet.

Strengthen scientific research, initiative and creativity in profession. Improve labor productivity, economic efficiency in saving costs of procurement and repair of medical equipment of the Hospital.

Continue to participate in training and directing, participate in project 1816 at the request of the hospital and the Ministry of Health.

Continue to join PMU (Project Management Unit) for the key medical project of the Ministry of Health to build the second Viet Duc University Hospital, in Phu Ly, Ha Nam.

Develop Master Plan, organize the structure, education, train and foster professional skills for officials and employees of the Department in Ha Nam. Be ready to take on tasks, and to reserve the needs of medical examination and treatment.