Medical imaging & nuclear medicine center


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  1. Name: Medical Imaging & Nuclear Medicine Center
  2. Contact:

          Address: Medical Imaging & Nuclear Medicine Center – Viet-Duc Hospital.

                             No.18, Phu Doan, Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem Dist, Ha Noi.

          Tel: 04.38253531 (ext. 281)

  1. Background:

      In 1954, when peace was restored in Vietnam, Hanoi Capital was liberated, Phu Doan Hospital (as known as Vietnam - Germany Hospital at present) in which Radiography Department was assumed control.

      Doctor Hoang Su was the first Head of the Department. At that time, the department had only 2 old X-ray machines which was left by France and these two machines only conducted normal diagnosis techniques such as: Radiate lung, X-ray leg and arm bone, vertebral column bone, X-ray abdomen, X-ray urinary system, …

      In 1956, the Government of German Democratic Republic helped to equip and upgrade the hospital for the first time, along with German experts who travelled to the hospital for implementation. The department was equipped with X-ray machine TUR D500.

      In 1974, the Government of German Democratic Republic helped to improve and upgrade Radiography Department for the second time by transferring 2 X-ray machines TUR D700 and TUR D1000. In 1986, also thanks to the assistance from the Government of German Democratic Republic, the department had more X-ray machines TUR D800.

      With such equipments, the department accomplished all professional activities in conventional X-ray for the leading surgical hospital. Especially in 1974, the department was the first place in the North of Vietnam that took the bronchial artery node interventional radiography for treating hemoptysis. Thenceforth the diagnostic angiography and interventional radiography were conducted quite conventionally in the department with X-ray machines. Until 2007, the department had had equipped with specialized angiography machines.

      In 1989, the department was equipped with the first ultrasound machine branded Kontron made in French Republic. Since then, a new specialty, medical ultrasound, was developed.

      In 1992, the diagnostic and interventional gastrointestinal endoscopy division was merged to Medical Imaging Department.

      In 1995, the United State equipped a CT-Scanner prospeeds of GE, USA. Since then, the department started to carry out conventional and emergency CT-Scanner diagnosis.

      In 2004, the department was equipped with Resonance Magnetic Imaging (RMI) machine 0.2tesla. Since that moment, the department began to implement the visiting magnetic resonance for the patients.

      The department has developed continuously and at present has 10 digitalized X-ray machines, 12 ultrasound machines, 4 CT-scanners, 3 MRI machines 1.5tesla, 2 specialized angiography systems and 01 FET/CT system. Along with the development of the techniques and personnel, the department’s name was changed from Radiography Department to Medical Imaging Department in 2000. Finally, in 2008, the name of the Department has been changed to Medical Imaging Center – Viet-Duc Hospital.

  1. Functions and tasks of the Medical Imaging Center

      4.1 Implementing the diagnostic imaging for the specialties of the hospital: neurology, cardiovascular, digestion, urinary, orthopedic trauma, viscera transplantation, conduct diagnosis for conventional and emergency patients; inpatients and outpatients’ preparing for surgical treatment. Carrying out the treatment by inner pulse intervention; conventional and emergency gall line intervention radiography, drainage, biopsy under the instruction of ultrasound or computed tomography…. Training undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and specialists in diagnostic imaging specialty such as: oriented specialist, primary specialist, secondary specialist, as well as long-term, short-term supplementary doctor courses, technicians, masters, MSc, PhD study and other scientific topics. And, conducting scientific researches.

      4.2 Regularly participating in reporting scientific researches in scientific activities at the hospital and specialty congresses.

      4.3 Publishing a lot of articles in scientific magazines of the sector.

      4.4 Carrying out meetings, exchange programs, workshops with the foreign Professors from France, Germany, USA, and so on.

  1. Personnel organization:

      5.1 Leadership in office:

     Head of the department:     Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Hue (since 11/2006)

     Deputy Heads of the department:          MSc. Vu Hai Thanh (since 7/2011).

                                                MSc. Le Thanh Dung (since 2015).

                                                MSc. Bui Quang Huynh (since 2015).

     5.2 Previous leadership:

     Generations of Head of the department:

     Dr. Hoang Su.

     D.r Nguyen Van Hanh.

     Assoc. Prof - MD. Vu Long.

     Assoc. Prof - DSc. Nguyen Dinh Tuan.

     Deputy Heads of the department:

     Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Hue (from 2000 to 2006).

     Dr. Du Duc Thien (from 10/2004 to 2015).

     Dr. Bui Van Lenh (from 9/2000 to 2010).

     5.3 Number of current employees:

      The department has 58 employees including 2 associate professors, 13 masters of science, 1 primary specialist, 28 technicians, 7 nurses and 3 office staffs.

  1. Achievements:

     2003: Certificate of merit awarded by the Minister of Health.

     2006: Certificate of merit awarded by the Prime Minister.

     2009: Labor Medal.

2010: Certificate of merit awarded by the Minister of Health.

     2011-2013: Certificate of merit awarded by the Prime Minister.

     2014: Certificate of merit awarded by the Minister of Health.

  1. Development orientation:

      Looking back on the development history, the Medical Imaging Center – Viet-Duc Hospital has had great development. From having only several simple conventional X-ray machines, the department now has been equipped with: Digital X-ray, color ultrasound machine, CT-Scanner, MRI machine, angiography system, PET/CT. Those equipment not only helped to improve the diagnosis and treatment quality for patients, but also made the Medical Imaging Center – Viet-Duc Hospital a high-quality training center for students, primary specialists, secondary specialists, resident doctors, postgraduate and graduate students. Meanwhile, the Center still keep pacing with development in the region and in the world. In the near future, the Center will be equipped with more modern machines such as higher grade MRI 3tesla and CT-Scanner.