Organ Transplant centers





     1. Name: Organ transplantation center

     2. Contact:

                 Address: Level 11 – D building – Viet Duc University Hospital.

                               Outpatient clinic: no 242, C2 building, outpatient center

                 Tel: (024)38.253.531/ (024)3.253.535 (Ext: 414, 592, 482)


      3. History:

            Transplantation in Viet Duc university hospital started in 2002 with the first kidney transplantation; however, the development of transplantation in the hospital drammatically improve with the establishment of organ transplantation unit.

            Until October 2017, we have performed 495 kidney transplantation, 43 liver transplantation, and 18 heart transplantation. With the demanding of transplantation recipients and the developing of technology, organ transplantation center was established in December 2014.

            Organ transplantation center is now in level 11, D building with 30 bed. Center has outpapient clinic with 02 rooms and administration unit. Despite of new establishment, with the leading of director board and effort of all doctors, nurses, center keep developing techniques and saving lives of end stage organs failure patients. We perform 150 kidney transplantation, and 15 liver transplantation from living and cadaveric donors.

      4. Missions of center

      4.1 Examinations and treatment: Center has 2 outpatient clinic’s rooms: 1 transplantation outpatient room and 1 hepatopancreatico outpatient room. The patients come to our clinic will be examined, advised carefully. Postoperative patients will be followed up in our clinic. Beside examining, consulting, operating for transplant recipients, our center also operated for hepatobiliary and pancreatic patient’s request, intensive care for end stage organ failure patients.

     4.2 Educations: Center trained, educated and privided transplantation techniques for Saint Paul hospital, Phu Tho provincial hospital. We also train master and specialized doctor.

      4.3 Scientific research: We keep developing clinical studies, and have several presentations in domestic and international congresses. We also developed new techniques: living donor laprascopic nephrectomy, liver resection with CUSA, plasma exchange for liver failure patients.

      4.4 International relationship:  Our center has cooperate with renowned centers and hosptials in the worlds: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, France, Italia. We rotate our doctors to train internationally. We often also consult with international experts.

      5. Human resources:

      5.1 Current leading board:

           Director of the center:  NGUYEN Quang Nghia, M.D, Ph.D

           Vice-director of the center: NINH Viet Khai M.D

           Head nurse: NGUYEN Thi Thu Huong
      5.2 Human resources:

           Doctors: 7 (1 Associate professor, 1 Ph.D, 5 Masters), Nurses: 21

      6. Future development

     We keep improving quality of patients’ care. Completing and developing current routine techniques: kidney transplantation, cadaveric liver transplantation, liver resection…. We also develop new techniques: laparoscopic liver resection, living donor laparoscopic nephrectomy, living donor liver transplantation.

      Intensed education:  in cooperating with transplant administration center to train local hospital about brain dead donors, consulting for brain dead diagnosis, kidney and liver transplantation indications. We also keep training for doctors come to our center.

      Continue improving the qualities of nursing cares for patients, communication skills. Continue to send doctors to renowned international centers and hospitals.

      Managing, using medical instruments efficiently. Improving patient’s safety. Improving research for better cares of the patients.