Pharmacy department



1. Contact

Address:    A3 Building - Viet Duc Hospital

Tel:                 04.38253531 – Extension: 307 or 486.


2. Development history

The Pharmaceutical Department was one of the earliest departments in VietDuc hospital with the role of supplying  the drugs, the chemicals, and the consumables. During the war period, the department was also a large center preparing the serum to other establishments and self-providing many drugs to serve the patients in drug shortages conditions; and was a training place for fifth-generation students of the Hanoi University of Pharmacy.


3. Structure organization

3.1      Predecessor committee

Head of the department:

Pharm. De Le Dang: 1954 - 1966

Pharm. Duyen Le Kim: 1967 - 1974

Pharm. Suu Ngo Van: 1974 - 1976

Pharm. Phu Pham Thi: 1977 - 1980.

1 Gen Alumni  pharmacist Oanh Nguyen Hoang : 1981 - 1995

Pharm. Dac Trieu : 1996 - 2000

2 Gen Alumni pharmacist Hung Vu Chu :2000 - 2003

1 Gen Alumni pharmacist Minh Cao Thi:  2003 – 2013

Vice head of department:

Pharm. Dac Trieu: 1993-1996

2 Gen Alumni pharmacist Hung Vu Chu: 1997-2000

1 Gen Alumni pharmacist Trang Tran Thi Đoan: 2003-2007

3.2      Incumbent leader

Head of the department:        M.Pharm. Hien Nguyen Thanh (2013)

Vice head of department:        M.Pharm. Huong Do Thi Thu (2010)

M.Pharm. Huong Dam Mai (năm 2014)

Photos of the leadership:

Photos of all staffs:

3.3      Number of staffs

Total: 29 staffs

Masters: 04

University graduated pharmacists:  07

Accountant: 01

College graduated pharmacists: 14

Others: 03


4. Functions and duties

4.1      Functions

The pharmaceutical department is directly managed by the director of the Hospital. The department plays the role of managing and advising to the board director for entire pharmaceutical work to ensure the adequately and timely supplying drugs, as well as consultations and monitor carefully and reasonably using medicines in the hospital.

4.2      Duties

­ Managing the bidding and making the plan to supply sufficient quantity and quality of medicines, antiseptic chemicals, laboratory chemicals and cotton gauze to meet the requirements of treatment and other medical requirements (disease prevention, calamity, disaster).

- Managing and monitoring the import - exportation and the distribution of drugs, chemicals and consumables to serve the needs of treatments and other extraordinary needs upon the request.

­ Organizing and implementing the activities of the Medication and Treatment Councils.

­ Preserving drugs in accordance with the principles of "Good Storage Practice".

­ Concocting and supplying the topical drugs and the antiseptic chemicals

­ Implementing tasks of Drug and Clinical Pharmacy Information, advising  the use of drugs, participating in pharmacovigilance and monitor reports related to undesirable effects of the drug.

­ Managing and monitoring the implementation of pharmaceutical provisions in the hospital.

­ Training and researching, being a practice establishment for the training of medical and pharmaceutical activities.

­ Coordinating with other clinical and sub-clinical departments to monitor, inspect, evaluate and supervise safely, reasonably using the drugs.

­ Joining consultation upon request.

­ Joining economic  management related to drugs, chemicals, and consumables as assigned by the Board of Directors.

­ Managing the specialized activities of the Pharmacy of the hospital.


5. Achievements

The pharmaceutical department has been a strong united team which alway keep trying to do our best to overcome the difficulties, such as:

­ Always excellently completing tasks assigned by the hospital’s leadership as Ensuring adequately and timely supplying of drugs, chemicals and consumables according to the needs of the hospital; positively contributing to the activities of Drug and Treatment Council of the Hospital; Advising the Director in the procurement of drugs, chemicals, and consumables; giving the drug information and practicing clinical pharmacy in the hospital; Managing, closely monitoring the use of medicines in clinical departments; significantly contributing to guide using drugs safely, reasonably and effectively in the hospital.

­ Actively participating in all activities and movements launched by the trade union and the Youth Union of the hospital or health sector.

­ Self-repairing and upgrading infrastructures to ensure the "Good Storage Practice".

­ Initially practicing clinical pharmacy at the hospital.

­ Initially compiling and issuing standard procedures at work in the department.

­ Constantly having 100% personal completing assigned tasks, being Excellent Labor Collective for years and receiveing Merit from the Minister of Health and from the Prime Minister, and many other award for personal.

­  Having a united, kind and helpful department which following  all the guidelines and policy of the Party, State's laws and all rules and regulations of the Hospital.


6. Development orientation

­ Ensuring adequately, timely, safely and reasonably supply drugs for the Hospital's medical care.

- Continuing to develop tasks of drug information, clinical pharmacy, towards safely, reasonably, economically and efficiently use of drugs

- Compiling  basic classes of drugs for internal using in surgery.

- Developing cooperation activities of medical training with other establishments in-out country and the training at the department.

- Standardizing all operation procedures at the department.


7. The titles and commendation forms

7.1      Collective titles and commendation forms

 Excellent Labor Team

2009: Decision No. 1736 / QD-BYT dated 24/05/2010

2010: Decision No. 1109 / QD-BYT dated 04/18/2011

2011: Decision No. 1423 / QD-BYT dated 02/5/2012

2012: Decision No. 954 / QD-BYT dated 25/03/2013

2013: Decision No. 1374 / QD-BYT dated 04/22/2014

2015: Decision No. 1584 / QD-BYT dated 04/27/2016

Merit from the Minister of Health

2006: Decision No. 510 / QD-BYT dated 08/02/2007

2007: Decision No. 2075 / QD-BYT dated 09/06/2008

2009: Decision No. 1965 / QD-BYT dated 08/6/2010

2011: Decision No. 927 / QD-BYT dated 03/27/2012

2014: Decision No. 826 / QD-BYT dated 12/03/2015

 Merit from the Prime Minister

2009: Decision No. 222 / QD-TTG dated 18/02/2009

Third-class Labor Medal

2009: Decision No. 1500 / QD-CTN dated 09/9/2011

7.2      Personal titles and commendation forms

1 Gen Alumni pharmacist Minh Cao Thi - Former Head of Pharmaceutical Department (2003-2013):

    Title “emulation soldier” at local level for consecutive years;

    Merit from the Minister of Health (2005-2009, 2012);

    Title “emulation soldier” at ministerial level ( 2008, 2011);

    Merit from the Prime Minister (Decision No. 1022 / QD-TTG dated 02/7/2010);

    Third-Class Labor Medal; Excellent Doctor (Decision No. 208 / QD-CTN dated 02/11/2010);

    Merit for achievement in trade union activities; Medal for the younger generation.

M.Pharm. Hien Nguyen Thanh – Head of Pharmaceutical Department from 2013

    Title “emulation soldier” at local level for consecutive years

M.Pharm.  Huong Do Thi Thu – Vice Head of Pharmaceutical Department (năm 2010)

    Title “emulation soldier” at local level for consecutive years;

    Merit from the Minister of Health (2012);

M.Pharm. Huong Dam Mai - Vice Head of Pharmaceutical Department: 2014

    Title “emulation soldier” at local level for consecutive years

Other persons gained title “emulation soldier” at local level:

M.Pharm. Duc Tran Thi Minh, Pharm. Dinh Phan Si;  College graduated pharmacists:  Trang Luu Thi Thu, Van Trieu Thi Hong, Phu Pham Quang, Tuyên Tran Thi Hong, Hien Hoang Thi Thu, Cap Nguyen Quang; Accountant: Nga Đo Thi Yen.