Social work department


  1. Name of department: Social work department
  2. Contact:

            Address: 2nd floor – C3 building- VietDuc University Hospital

            Tel: (024)32.668.625 (ext - 585)

  1. 3. Development history:

            - Establishment day: 16/4/2015 according to Decision no. 586/QĐ-VĐ on 16/4/2016 of Viet Duc University Hospital.


  1. Missions, duties:

            Social Work Department is the bridge between physicians, patients, and their relatives, and has the function of providing social work services. Unified management of social work activities at hospital.

            - Support, consultation on solving social work issues for patients and their family members during the medical examination and treatment procedure: Receiving, giving instructions, providing information and introducing about medical examination and treatment services of  hospital to the patient right from the arrival moment of patient at clinics or ER; Support and counseling for patients on their legitimate rights, interests and obligations, social programs and policies on health insurance and social allowances; research and develop forms of payment support, convenient services in medical examination and treatment; Provide information and advice to patients who are indicated to change medical examination and treatment facilities or to be discharged from hospital

 - Legal information, communication and dissemination and education: Strengthening the relationship of hospital with people and press agencies, with organizations and individuals both national and international, ... Carrying out the work of speaking and supplying information to the press; health education communication plan for patients; Introduce, promote images, services, and activities of hospital to patients and the community.

- Donation campaign: Carry out charitable activities and raise funds about financial, material donations to support patients in difficult circumstances; Mobilizing blood donation; Participate in implementing social security programs

- Support medical staff: Provide information about patient to medical staff if necessary, to support treatment; cheer up and share with medical staff when there are problems with patient during  hospitalization.

            - Training and retraining: Participate in guiding the practice of social work for pupils and students of social work vocational training institutions; Fostering and training knowledge on social work for medical staff and hospital staff; to coordinate in the training and fostering of basic medical knowledge for social work workers.

            - Organize a team of collaborators doing social work of hospital.

            - Organize charity and social work activities of hospital in the community

            - Perform other missions assigned by Board of Directors.


  1. Personnel:

            5.1 Incumbent leaders:

            Head of department: Mr. Nguyen Trong Son, MD, PhD


            5.2 Staff number

            There are 26 staff: 1 PhD, 05 Master, 10 Bachelor, 10 College levels


  1. Activities:

            Over the past 5 years of operation, Social Work Department has got many achievements in supporting, counseling patients, charity, assisting difficult patients, promoting hospital communication, promoting activities. service, creating satisfaction for patients when going to visit.

            - Assist patients’ activities: Take in, evaluate, and deal with issues that need psychosocial support and administrative procedures, medical examination and treatment process helps reduce waiting time and alleviate anxiety bring and worry of patients.


- Event media communication activities: Build specialty procedures; Create close relationship with communication companies; Administrative communication stations; Make plans for Health education communication, promote hospital image and information updating in time for people.


- Charity activities: coordinated with faculties and departments to promptly grasp cases of patients with difficult circumstances to connect with philanthropic; contact the press for support. campaigning for the organization of humanitarian blood donation programs.


- Participate in developing on-demand examination activities, medical checking services - accompanying health care for large corporate agencies, guaranteeing insurance services, medical examination and treatment for foreigners, non-cash payment of hospital fees,…


- Traditional House unit has been maintained and continues to collect historical documents and artifacts for storage and display.

  1. Development orientation:

            - Complete the organizational structure and functions in the direction of specialization, assignment, and coordination in task performance.     

            - Develop a complete set of procedures to perform activities of department to reform administrative procedures towards work management according to the Quality standard system (ISO).

            - Modernize operations step-by-step through the application of information technology in management.

            - Continue to bring into play the achievements and researches, develop in-depth areas.