Training and Direction of Healthcare Activities Center



1. Name of department: Training and Direction of Healthcare Activities Center 


2. Contact:

       Add: 1st Floor, B1 building - Vietduc University Hospital

       Tell: (04). 38253531/(04). 39287882/(04). 32669896 - ext: 282/822


3. History of development:

       Training and Direction of Healthcare Activities Center (TDHA) was established at Decision No. 2664/QĐ-BYT of the Minister of Health on 26th July, 2010 which is the precursor of the DOHA office with 02 staff in 1996. Over 20 years of development, TDHA has 23 staffs including 01 Professor, 02 Associate Professors, 07 Master Degrees and 13 Bachelor Degrees. In addition, TDHA also has a team of experts and part-time lecturers that have rich and various experiences from not only Faculties of Vietduc University Hospital but also Hanoi Medical University.


4. Functions and duties:

       4.1 Functions:

       Advise and assist Hospital Directorate to build overall strategy, coordinate, implement and manage all training activities; foster working ability of medical staff; implement medical technology transfer; guidance and support for medical activities of hospital within direction.

       Be in charge of implementing all activities related to training, mentoring and exchange information - communication - health education with other organizations.

       Coordinate with Faculties and related units to organize medical training courses, seminars, conferences and scientific activities

       4.2 Duties:

       - Education and training:

       Organize, coordinate,administrate and develop all training activities.

       Manage all students and trainees to study and practice in the hospital.

       Implement training quality management activities.

       Cooperate with domestic and international organizations in raising human resource capacity and developing healthcare treatment capacity of hospital under steering area.

       - Direction of healthcare activities (DOHA):

       Organize, coordinate and manage the training/technical transfer to lower level hospitals through the schemes and project of the Government as well as Ministry of Health.

       Develop training soft skill and essential skill in medical field.

       Organize, coordinate and manage patient referral activities.

       Implement and develop other activities such asto consult and handle of cases which are exceeded the ability of lower level hospital, support and consult professional work, deploy high-tech medical techniques.

       - Office administration:

      Manage and use all resources of TDHA in an effective way according to the law: human resource management, materials and equipment management, asset management…

       Manage all Administration, Finance and Accounting activities in accordance with the provisions of hospital and Government law.

       Deploy and apply Information technology for the development of professional activities and administrative management activities


5. Personnel:

       5.1 Current leadership:

       From 1st June, 2016 until now:

       Director: Prof. Tran Binh Giang·            

       Deputy Director: Ass. Prof. Nguyen Duc Tien·            

       Deputy Director: Ass. Prof. Hoang Long·            

       Head of Training Department: Prof. Nguyen Duc Tien·            

       Head of DOHA: MSc. Le Viet Khanh·         

       Head of Office: BSc. Tran Thi Hong Tham·      

       Vice Head of Training Department: MSc. Nguyen Van Dung

       5.2 Predecessor leadership:

       From 2012 to 2015:

       Director: Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Tien Quyet         

       Deputy Director:Prof. Tran Binh Giang     

       Head of DOHA: Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Duc Tien   

       Vice Head of DOHA: MSc. Le Viet Khanh

       Vice Head of DOHA: BSc. Tran Thi Hong Tham

       From 2010 to 2012:

       Director: Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Tien Quyet           

       Deputy Director: Prof. Tran Binh Giang           

       Head of DOHA: Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Duc Tien           

       Vice Head of DOHA: Dr. Duong Trong Hien              

       From 2008 to 2009:            

       Head of DOHA: Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Duc Tien             

       Vice Head of DOHA: Dr. Duong Trong Hien              

       From 2004 to 2008:            

       Head of DOHA: Prof. Tran Binh Giang              

       From 1996 to 2004:       

       Head of DOHA: Assoc. Prof. Tran Gia Khanh


6. Achievements:

       6.1 Emulation Flag of Minister of Health              

       Dicision No. 478/QĐ-BYT dated 17th Feb 20166.2

       6.2 Third-Class Labor Medal            

       Dicision No. 1500/QĐ-BYT dated 11th Sep 20116.3

       6.3 Certificate of Merit of Prime Minister              

       Dicision No. 222/QĐ-TTgdated 18th Feb 20096.4

       6.4 Certificate of Merit of Minister of Health              

       Dicision No. 1001/QĐ-BYT dated 25th Mar 2015              

       Dicision No. 826/QĐ- BYT dated 12th Mar 2015              

       Dicision No. 927/QĐ-BYT dated 27th Mar 2012              

       Dicision No. 1985/QĐ-BYT dated 8th Jun 20106.5

       6.5 Certificate of Excellent labor team:              

       Dicision No. 1584/QĐ-BYT dated 27thApr 2016              

       Dicision No. 1705/QĐ- BYT dated 07thMay 2015             

       Dicision No. 1374/QĐ-BYT dated 22thApr 2014              

       Dicision No. 954/QĐ-BYT dated 25thMar 2013              

       Dicision No. 1423/QĐ-BYT dated 2rd May 2012              

       Dicision No. 1109/QĐ-BYT dated 18th Apr 2011              

       Dicision No. 1736/QĐ-BYT dated 24th May 2007        


7. Development orientation:

       Strengthen the organizational structure, infrastructure, information systems management of TDHA.

       Create working process system for all activities in TDHA.              

       Apply quality management system according to ISO, 5S in training activities management.

       Deploy and develop continuous training according to Circular No.22/2013/TT-BYT dated 9th Aug 2013 of the MOH

       Standardize training program and document of continuous training type under the guidance of MOH in Dispatch No. 1853/BYT-K2DT dated 7th Apr 2009             

       Promote Telemedicine, E-learning system and communication activities.-             

       Construction and development of organizational culture. Develop working capacity for all staffs.