A 10-year-old girl woke up and smiled at Miss Vietnam Do My Linh after a life and dead heart transplantation

11/10/2019 13:47

On the morning of October 4, a 10-year-old girl (Lang Son) regained consciousness after 3 days of having a heart transplant. Her small thoracic was given the heart of a compassionate donor when cannot survive because of brain death after an accident.


Mr. Ha Van Sang, father of pediatric patient, said that when she was born, she developed completely normal. However, from July 2018, after a constant fever, the body was getting weak, parents took her to the doctor to find out that their child had a cardiomyopathy.

Miss Vietnam Do My Linh enters the special care room, visits 10 years old little girl wakes up from a heart transplantation.

“I had never seen anything so horrible, the disease in the heart made her weak, her eating was not well, and progressed too quickly. She was admitted to Viet Duc University Hospital, and was on a waiting list for a heart transplant because of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and heart failure”, Mr. Sang shares.


The child is on the top list waiting for a heart. Two weeks before her heart transplant, although she was weak, the father tried to arrange for his daughter to go home for a few days, because the hospitalization scene of waiting in the exhaustion made the whole family under pressure, she was always short of uncertainty when she would leave her parents if she didn’t have a heart transplant. Previously, his brother could not survive because of heart disease.


Then when she just returned to the hospital, suddenly having a heart donated from a stranger who nearly 40 years old was unlucky, he could not survive after the accident. Doctors performed a heart transplant on the night of October 1st, a successful transplant.


“My child has risen to the heart of that stranger. We always acknowledge and appreciate the heart of the family who donated heart to my daughter”, Mr. Sang said.

With the cost of a heart transplant which about billions VND, Mr. Sang’s daughter has been called upon by many doctors for support. In particular, the volunteer group of Miss Vietnam Do My Linh also supported and presented to the girl an amount of 300 million VND

Miss Vietnam Do My Linh has donated an amount of 300 million VND to the family of the girl who received a heart transplant to reduce the burden of treatment costs. Picture: H. Hai

On the morning of October 4, Miss Vietnam came to the hospital and visited a 10-year-old girl who had regained consciousness after a heart transplant.


Hồng Hải/  People’  Newspaper

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