Save patient’s life in a timely manner through online consultation

24/06/2019 14:52

With a system of online consultation that allows physicians at two side far from to exchange information, consult remotely and provide timely professional support in surgeries that are difficult to unify treatment plans optimal for patients.


Recently, doctors of Viet Duc University Hospital have consulted on online emergency with doctors of Dien Bien General Hospital to save life of patient suffering from serious traffic accident.

At the “ bridge “ of Viet Duc University Hospital, doctors consulted on emergency medical patients V.A.H, 16 years old, had a traffic accident to Dien Bien General Hospital.

Through pre-historic exploitation and laboratory testing of VAH patients, 16 years old, had a traffic accident, admitted to Dien Bien General Hospital with the initial state of province, pale pink skin and mucosa, mild abdominal distention, examination have a clear response. Patients assigned to do para-clinical tests such as blood tests to show the increased white blood cells, CT Scanner abdomen: images of free fluid in the abdomen, hematoma of the lower abdomen, excluding the peritoneal surface air.


Realizing that this is a difficult case, Dien Bien General Hospital conducted an emergency consultation for the opinions of specialized diagnostic experts of Viet Duc University Hospital: Clinical patients have signs of external abdomen are not excluded except for large perforation of the viscera, however, in the image of CT Scanner, the abdominal cavity has a slight sickle, is it possible to injury to the peritoneum?

Doctors in Viet Duc University Hospital recommend an endoscopic surgery for diagnosis purpose for patient.

After the consultation, the experts diagnosed the free-abdominal fluid and rectal blood clots. Doctors in Viet Duc University Hospital recommend an endoscopic surgery for diagnosis purpose . Dien Bien General Hospital has conducted laparoscopic surgery for patients. In the abdomen there are about 300-400ml of blood, diluted blood and digestive fluids. The stomach, liver, bile, colon were checked and normal. The small intestine, which is nearly 40 cm away from the Treitz angel, has a ruptures about 2/3 of the circumference at the free margin. Diagnosis: Peritonitis, rupture of the jejunum due to traffic accident. Doctors have managed with suture to the jejunum perforation, clean the abdomen cavity, drain and close the abdomen. After surgery, the patient is over the  critical condition, health gradually stabilizes.


Previously, on July 20th, 2018, Dien Bien General Hospital also received and rescued M.V.D patients – 31 years old, Mong people diagnosed the close head injury, sub durable hematoma at right temporal site, cerebral contusion with serious edema (three times cardiac arrest during the resuscitation )


The hospital conducted consultation and directed the advice by consultants from Viet Duc University Hospital. Determining this is a serious and complicated case, the situation of very serious patients need to be treated for emergency surgery while the weather and traffic conditions cannot transfer patients to Viet Duc University Hospital or support expert support from Viet Duc University Hospital for Dien Bien General Hospital. Facing this situation, Prof. Tran Binh Giang – Director of Viet Duc University Hospital and experts decided to support and direct the doctors of Dien Bien General Hospital to operate through online consultation -Telemedicine. After 45 minutes of preparation, the patient was taken to the operating room and operated under the direct guidance of experts on Neurosurgery, Anesthesia and Resuscitation of Viet Duc University Hospital, helping patients through critical.


As Prof. Director of Viet Duc University Hospital said: With Telemedicine system based on video conferencing technology integrated medical devices specialized in remote medical treatment, many critical patients in remote areas have been saved in time.


Successful results from the training and direction of Viet Duc University Hospital help improve the quality of local health care, reduce the load for central hospitals, and reduce costs for patients.


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