A boy had testicular necrosis due to torsion

27/04/2020 10:14

The 14-year-old patient came to Viet Duc University Hospital (VDUH) with the black testicular necrosis which the doctor has to remove.


The patient had painful testicular and went to a district hospital in Hung Yen for treatment. Here, the boy patient was diagnosed with testicular inflammation and provided the treatments, however it was not effective and he was transferred to VDUH on 7th April.


The doctors of Andrology Center have checked the left testicle twisted, swollen and necrotic. The surgery was performed to remove the left testicle and fixe the right remaining one. After 2 days of surgery, the patient is stable and ready to be discharged.


Associate Professor Nguyen Quang, Director of Andrology Center, VDUH said testicular torsion is a common emergency if it is not treated in time, probably has to be removed and affects the fertility of men. The main cause of testicular torsion is usually due to abnormalities of the scrotum ligament.


The patient could awake during sleeping by a sharp scrotal pain as the sign of testicular torsion. Clinically, the side of twisted testis is higher than the opposite side. The disease is often misdiagnosed with testis inflammation which causes a delay in confirmation of diagnosis and treatment.


” Detecting the painful testis, we should think about the testicular torsion firstly, to avoid misdiagnosis with testicular inflammation, epididymitis, ureteral stones … resulting to remove testicles “, recommended by Dr. Nguyen Duy Khanh, Andrology Center.


The golden time for management of testicular torsion is the first 6 hours after the onset of pain. Being to hospital before 6 hours and properly treated, timely, the rate of testicles saved could be up to 100%. From 6-12 hours, the possibility to save the testicles is only 50% and only 20% between 12-24 hours. After 24 hours, the testicle must be removed.


Many children go to the hospital when their testicles are already necrotic. The patient who has one testicle removed will reduce 50% chance for having a baby. Also one testicle missing will cause their psychological matter when growing up.


Dr. Quang recommends that men should go to hospital as soon as they experience sudden pain symptoms in the scrotum area.


Covid-19 is still complex, but patients should not be afraid and hesitate to go to the clinic. In order to ensure safety, VDUH has organized the streaming and screening Covid-19 for patients and their family members by many methods.


The hospital conducts body temperature measurements and medical declarations for patients, their family members and medical staff at all entrance gates. Wearing a “barcode” is mandatory for patients’ family members to determine who could stay to take care of the patient.


Regular disinfection spraying inside the hospital, equipped with modern equipment such as negative pressure operating room, 256-row CT scanner, laparoscopic set helps to prevention the Covid 19 as well.


Reporter Le Nga / Vnexpress Newspaper

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