After 2 weeks of surgery, patient was shot by bullet through heart magically recovered

09/06/2020 11:39

On 15/5/2020, Ms. Thoi Thi Sau (address in Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang) – who was shot by a bullet through her heart when she was rowing on April 30, miraculously recovered and was discharged from hospital.


Previously, she was transferred to Viet Duc University Hospital with a diagnosis of complicated heart injuries caused by airgun bullets. Here, after conducting the necessary investigations, she underwent emergency open-heart surgery to treat wounds from her left chest before going through many parts of heart to back, and stopping near in front of the aorta. Doctors conducted surgery to remove the foreign object, perform the mitral valve suture, suture heart’s tear holes, clean and drain left and right pleura.


Currently, her health has improved very well and the patient is discharged after 2 weeks of surgery. Ms. Sau shared, the rare accident happened to her so unexpectedly and her recovery today is the most wonderful thing. No one would have imagined a woman with a bullet shot through her heart could sit here healthy and show a big smile. Thinking about life and death operation, she said: “After more than 3 hours of surgery, I can never forget the image of extremely happy doctors when the surgery is successful.” The happier she was because of her miraculous recovery, the more she appreciated efforts of the doctors who were racing with death to regain her life. When she was discharged from the hospital and returned to her family’s arms, she will be back with her two lovely children and simple sale work. The event that happened in the past 2 weeks was surprising but how fortunate it was for her.

Ms. Sau is healthy and happy after 2 weeks of having life and death surgery

The one who stood by Ms. Sau from the first days of admission was her husband. He has always been sitting on fire, ever since his wife was in distress. But when he received a call from the doctors to inform him that the operation was a success, he took a breath of relief and happiness.


Not knowing what else to say, Ms. Sau and her husband sent grateful words to the doctors for reviving her, Ass. Prof. Nguyen Huu Uoc – Director of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Center, Dr. Phung Duy Hong Son, MD, PhD – Deputy Director of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Center with doctors, nurses from Viet Duc University Hospital have been with her since the first days of admission arduously until surgery, recovering. Until this day, she is sitting here and smiling happily, she said: “Everyone in my family is very happy, because they thought it was so severe, no one thought I could pass, they even teased this couple went away for honeymoon too long, from April 30 to now”.


Speaking of Ms. Sau’s surgery, Ass. Prof. Nguyen Huu Uoc, head of the surgery team, said: “Fortunately, patient does not suffer from infectious complications, her heart and lung condition is very well recovered, leaving no severe sequelae even though they are severe injuries, and can gradually return to almost normal life.”

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