An internal audit training for staff in hospital management

13/10/2020 07:27

Viet Duc University Hospital (VDUH) with a more than 112 years history of an establishment and a development is a cradle of a surgical field, the Special Class Hospital, a center of a scientific research and a high technical development applying for diagnosis and treatments to patient. In addition of the people’s health protection and care, training and scientific research, hospital needs to ensure general management, risk management and internal control in all hospital’s activities.


 Aiming to ensure the internal control, contribute to prevent, timely detect & solve the risk, and to use efficiently all resources and assets of the hospital; pursuant to the Decree 05/2019/ND-CP dated January 22nd, 2019 of the Government on Internal Auditing, VDUH’s Director Board has early implemented and given a decision 1506/QD-VD dated August 17th, 2020 on an establishment of an Internal Audit Unit.


 With the expectation to improve the efficiency of a financial management, a hospital asset usage activities as well as the cooperation of all departments, on September 25th, 2020, VDUH organized “ an internal audit training in the hospital management”.


The training on an internal audit in hospital management.


Attending the training, there were Mr. Le Dinh Thang PhD., Chief Auditor of the National Audit; Mr. Dinh Van Dung – Deputy Chief, National Audit, the 3rd Specialty.


From VDUH, there were Prof. Tran Binh Giang PhD., – Director, Ass. Prof. Tran Dinh Tho – Vice Director, Ass. Prof. Dong Van He – Vice Director and other leaders including the chief and head nurses and other health staff of all Hospital.


Prof. Tran Binh GiangPhD. – Director gave a speech at the training.


Talking at the training, Prof. Tran Binh Giang PhD. – Director of VDUH said: “VDUH has been assigned 8 main missions, of which two very important missions are economic management and hospital management. Ministry of Health (MOH) has assigned the Hospital  an autonomous mechanism, thus the management in hospital becomes more important. It requires each staff in the hospital has to participate in a economic management apart from the professional knowledge and work. Recently, the Party Committee, Director Board assigned to all functional departments to built and complete the standard operation procedures for getting ISO certificate, that helps our works to be more professional. As a medical doctor, I was assigned by the Party, Government and MOH a mission to manage a huge assets and I always try my best to complete it successfully. All hospital staff support in hospital management and try their best in doing scientific, democratic, transparent manner contributing to improve the medical consultation, treatment and to enhance the life of hospital staff”.


Mr Le Dinh Thang PhD. – Chief Auditor, National Audit shared many useful knowledge about an internal audit at a hospital.


At the training, Mr. Le Dinh Thang PhD. – Chief Auditor, National Audit shared many useful knowledge about an internal hospital audit to VDUH’s staff: An internal audit is an independent activity to ensure an objectivity and a advisory nature which designed to substitute a value and improve an operation of an organization. An internal audit helps an organization to reach all its goals by bringing a systematic and disciplinary approach to evaluate and improve an efficiency of a risk management, control and executive process.


 Mr. Le Dinh Thang PhD. also said: setting an internal audit and control in the public sector is necessary to enhance the explanation responsibility in using the public money; to improve the public management efficiency for increasing complicated system; to fight against waste, corruption and to follow the recommendations of other external audit institutions.


The solution to develop an internal audit is a creation of belief about an operation advantage; a cooperation of all units; a completion of an internal audit procedures and regulations; a training, an improvement of the internal auditor competences and understanding of all units in a system; a persistence of a sustainable development.

VDUH’s staff attended the training on an internal audit in a hospital management.


The training on an internal audit in a hospital management provided many useful knowledge for VDUH’s staff, contributed in the economic and hospital management for the hospital’s development.

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