Free scanning program for brain tumor opens a opportunity of early diagnosis and timely treatment for patients

09/07/2020 07:38

Through the program of free examination and consultation for brain tumors at Viet Duc University Hospital was held on the 16th May 2020, many patients were detected their diseases in time and provided the treatment properly. One of them is Ms. Tran Thi Lai from Ha Nam province.


In the end of 2019, feeling tired, Ms. Lai went to hospital for checking up for diabetes and thyroid disorders purpose, while diagnostic imaging tests showed a pituitary tumor. Knowing well health situation, Ms. Lai returned home and searched for a reputable hospital for surgery.


On April 2020, Ms. Nguyen Thi Nga (Ms. Lai’s sister-in-law) accidentally read the information about the program of free examination and consultation for brain tumors at Viet Duc University Hospital while searching for a good hospital for surgery of Ms.Lai. Immediately, Ms. Nga registered for Ms.Lai to join. Right after the free consultation program, Ms. Lai was hospitalized for surgery. The operation was performed by Assoc. Prof. DONG Van He successfully. 4 days after operation, she gradually recovered and was able to discharge of the hospital.


Assoc. Prof. DONG Van He – President of ASEAN Neurosurgery Association, Vice president of Viet Nam Neurosurgery Association shared that: Pituitary tumor is a special disease. Patients with pituitary tumor may have some changes on their appearance such as shape, face, fingers, toes, skin… However, because of its slow changing speed, patients might ignore so it normally takes from 7 to 10 years to detect.


Pituitary gland is a central endocrine gland and dominant over a lot of other endocrine glands like thyroid, gonad, adrenals… and manifestations are in many organs but often be slowly and blurry. Beside gradual changes of appearances, signs and symptoms of pituitary tumor are easy confused with other pathologies such as cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, disorders of digestion or urination.


For Ms. TRAN Thi Lai’s case, free examination and consultation was held on 16th May 2020, with the results of clinical examination and other necessary tests, a diagnosis of pituitary tumor was made. Doctors met and explained to patient and her family about her condition, facilitated her for hospitalization and intervention. Ms. Lai was operated with success and able to discharge after 4 post-operating days.

Assoc. Prof. DONG Van He re-examined the patient after surgery

Assoc. Prof. DONG Van He, PhD., MD. said that Ms. Lai was operated in time when the tumor was still small with low risk of complication so the post-operative outcome was good. The program of free consultation has been being informed widely in mass media helping patients to early detect and to treat their diseases promptly. The purpose of program of Viet Duc University Hospital is also to help patients with blurry symptoms to be examined and consulted with specialized doctors for correct advice on their health problem.   


Once per month, Viet Duc University Hospital organizes a program of free of charge for examination and consultation for specialized pathologies such as: neurology, digestive, hepato-biliary, andrology, pediatric or cardiovascular diseases. Through this program, hundreds of people benefit from a screening free of charge for early diagnosis and timely treatment by leading experts bringing meaningful things for patients. On the upcoming 27th June 2020, Viet Duc University Hospital will organize a program of free examination and consultation on arterial hypertension with the topic: “Arterial hypertension – Disease of every home”.

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