From the dead, patients share the reason for biliary failure, many Vietnamese are suffering from it.

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The 42-year-old female patient admitted to the hospital in the state of infection, intoxication, cirrhosis, critical danger survived.


The family thought she could not survive 


Two weeks ago, Mrs. N.T.H (42 years old, in Dien Bien) thought she was going to die because of an obstructive biliary tract infection caused by stones.


 Mrs. H transferred to Viet Duc University Hospital and was in a condition of shock, infection. Doctors performed a emergency surgery for her in the situation of ” 99% dead only 1% survival “, septic shock, septicemia.


Because of Mrs. H’s biliary tract infection, the family thought that she could hardly survive and was prepared to take her anytime to die at home. A miracle happened after 6 days of surgery, Mrs. H was awake, after 15 days, Mrs. H was able to walk and talk.


 Mrs. H said, before going to the hospital in home town, she had abdominal pain with each attack, she had to go to the hospital, however the doctors could not find the cause of pain. Until on the 6th day Mrs. H fainted so she was transferred from Dien Bien to Viet Duc University Hospital with suspected gallstones.


 “Before that, I had surgery on a common bile duct stone and I thought it never comes back so I am not followed by doctors. When I came down here, doctors detected the stones in my bile ducts, however my liver was damaged”, Mrs. H said.

Patient H.

Dr. Do Tuan Anh, PhD  Chief of Hepatobiliary Surgery Department – Viet Duc University Hospital said the department regularly receives cases of hepatobiliary stones due to subjective failure to follow lead to complications of cirrhosis.


 2 weeks ago, the department received the case of patients over 40 years old who had surgery for hepatobiliary stones until the 7th, the liver condition of the patient was cirrhosis.. Patients with coagulation disorders, thrombocytopenia. Before the surgery, the doctor had to transfusion of platelets when the stable index quickly performed the surgery.


 However, the patient’s health could not be sustained for a long operation so the doctor could only remove stones in the proximal biliary duct and stones in the deep ducts did not. After surgery, the patient was discharged, and the ultrasound showed an image of a tiny stone like a rice grain with cirrhosis. 


Biliary stones  easily recur

Dr. Tuan Anh warns of the risk of complications of hepatobiliary stones leading to cirrhosis.

According to Dr. Tuan Anh, there are two reasons for the formation of hepatobiliary stones: metabolism and infection. 


Hepatobiliary stones occur as a result of metabolism, first the stone in the gallbladder and then the stone moves into the bile duct for some reason that cannot be moved, forming gallstones outside the liver or in the liver.


 The risk of recurrence of stones in these cases is high because an infection with the bile ducts is unavoidable. Every time the infection becomes bile duct will no longer smooth, making the bile circulate badly will cause stones.


 Pathology of intrahepatic stones  and extra-hepatic stones are symptoms of abdominal pain in the right flank or epigastric pain with fever, chills then jaundice. Each round of pain patients taking antibiotics, pain relief at home will help or not drink anything will cure.


 Patients with stones inside and outside the liver, only when the pain becomes  serious they will go to hospital, at this stage the disease has progressed badly with complications. Extra-hepatic stones cause obstruction and pain, when intrahepatic stones damage liver and biliary cells.


According to Dr. Tuan Anh, prevent hepatobiliary stones by eating, drinking, boiling deworming every years. When hepatobiliary stones, gallbladder polyps and abnormalities are detected, a specialist hospital should be examined early.


  Hepatobiliary stones are diseases caused by poor eating habits, eating raw food with infections. Currently, modern life people often eat street food, fast food do not guarantee hygiene increase cases of hepatobiliary stones  …


In Vietnam, hepatobiliary stones caused by parasites, worms, intestinal bacteria are quite high. Many cases of hepatobiliary surgey with tapeworm infection are found that common in the department”, Dr Tuan Anh recommends.



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