Geographical proximity, cultural similarity, economic and health care will help us closer together.

28/10/2019 07:31

Introducing by the Consulate General of Vietnam in Guangxi, accepted the official invitation of the First Affiliated Hospital of Quangxi Medical University – FAH-GXMU in China, from Oct.21- Oct.22,2019, the delegation of VietDuc University Hospital, including the head of some department leading by Prof. Tran Binh Giang, director of hospital has visited and worked efficiently in there. During the trip, the delegation has chance to visit and work with the director board as well as the related departments and discussed about the potential cooperation. At the presence of Mr. Hoang Ngoc Vinh, head of the Consulate General of Vietnam in Guangxi, the Memorandum of Understanding cooperation has been signed as an evidence of this promising collaboration.

The delegation of Viet Duc Hospital met with the director ‘s board of FAH-GXMU and the head of the Consulate General of Vietnam in Quangxi.

Exchanged the MOU at the Signing Ceremony

Prof. Tran Binh Giang, Director of Viet Duc Hospital spoke at the MOU signing ceremony

Established since 1934, currently in the top 100 best hospitals in China, FAH – GXMU is also a center of medical training and scientific research field of Health in Guangxi Province.


With 46 clinical departments, 72 patient wars composing in total 2750 beds, each year the hospital provides the medical services for over 2, 670,000 out-patient and inpatient 120,000 patients, performed over 52,000 surgery.


Some strengths of FAH – GXMU as transplants, especially liver transplantation in pediatric patients, surgical treatment of hepato-biliary disease, urology pathologies, treatment of patients with thalassemia, gastrointestinal tract and gland diseases … by laparoscopic and robotic surgery. FAH – GXMU also the first hospital launched an initiative to establish a network control Thalassemia disease in Asia Pacific area. Additionally, diagnostic imaging centers with AI applications, Telemedicine system has been implemented very effectively with hospitals in the area.

The delegates visited the center of stem cell therapy

At the training and education center and in front of the main gate of FAH-GXMU

At Quangxi Key Laboratory of Thalassemia Research

In 2018 FAH-GXMU held a successful FORUM for hospital management Cooperation between China and ASEAN countries.


The hospital is also the clinical practice of Guangxi Medical University where many students attending from both in China and other countries in which many students and doctors from Vietnam.


Hospital is currently implementing the programs supported by Government to promote the cooperation in Medicine with the bordering neighbor countries namely  “Cross-Border Healthcare” with the purpose to prevent and to treat the infectious diseases as well as emergency health services.


Facilitated by the Consulate General of Vietnam in Guangxi, including Mr. Hoang Ngoc Vinh, head of the Consulate, the meeting of the leadership of the hospital Friendship Vietnam Germany was held very success.

Meeting at the Consulate General of Vietnam in Guangxi, Mr. Hoang Ngoc Vinh, head of the Consulate in white on right.

Prof. Chen Juin Qiang, director of the hospital as well as the leaders of the FAH-GXMU offered the delegation from VietDuc Hospital respectfully received and warmly.


As a leading prestige medical establishment in China as well as in the region, FAH-GXMU has the potential to cooperate on a number of items such as a transplant, hepato-biliary and gastrointestinal surgery, diagnostic imaging, urology surgery , stem cells, as well as nursing care … leaders of the two hospitals have pledged to soon boost cooperation to the people of the two countries in general, people in border areas in particular “Cross – border” will benefit from this collaboration.


Besides the professional field, the field of training and scientific research are the strengths of the FAH – GXMU that VietDuc Hospital wants to cooperate and were leaders of the two sides pledged to deploy.


“The similarity of cultural, geographical and economic characteristics as well as  healthcare of two countries will promote effective cooperation in the future“, Prof. Tran Binh Giang, director of Viet Duc Hospital has stated during the meeting at the FAH-GXMU.



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