Health education for patients with ostomy and their relatives at home

14/07/2020 07:27

At the moment there are about 2 millions patients with colostomy in the world, the medical term was also named an artificial anus resulting from  different diseases such as: cancer, anal-rectal inflammation, anal stenosis, congenital defect pathology of anus namely covered anus (imperforated anus) or traumatic … Surgeons perform surgery to open a passage for feces or digestive content in the abdominal wall to save lives of patients.


Ostomy care is a technical procedure, in which a caregiver should be trained or fully instructed for better care of the patient.


Response to the campaign “Renewing health education towards a patient’s satisfaction”, and at the same time aiming to improve the quality of patients with ostomy, Center of colorectal and perineal surgery, Viet Duc University Hospital (VDUH) has developed the health education materials to bring knowledge, skills on ostomy care at home for patients and their relatives.

The health education materials bring knowledge to patients and their relatives

As a valuable and meaningful material, a “Handbook for ostomy care at home” helps patients and their relatives understand the important, value of the health education material. Most of patients and their relatives agreed that the knowledge provided in the handbook is easy to understand, practice and remember.  


Health staff at Center of Colorectal and Perineal Surgery have organized some health education, combined between materials and practice to evaluate the practice ‘s skill of patients and their relatives. Especially, through Ostomy Patient Club at VDUH which was established and operated since March 31st, 2018, through many discussions and direct dialogues helped patients and their relatives get more knowledge and confidence for ostomy care at home.   


When caring a patient with colostomy at Center of Colorectal and Perineal Surgery, VDUH, Mr. N.M.H. from Cau Giay district, Hanoi said: there are many useful materials available here including brochure, handbook… I hope there will be more specific health education materials by specialty, disease that help patients and their relatives easy to follow for practice and to make the better recovery for patients.


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