Health staff of Viet Duc University Hospital (VDUH) invented an alcohol automatic spraying machine during COVID-19.

13/05/2020 07:57

Facing the global epidemic of COVID-19, VDUH has prepared as much as possible the measures to prevent the disease spreading, to improve the awareness about prevention for more than 2.200 staff and ensure a safety for the patients. The hospital’s health staff were not only determined to actively prevent the epidemic but also non stopped in creation and invention of an useful product to improve the quality of patient care


During COVID-19, Mr. Mai Van Duc, a nursing assistant at service-on-demand, VDUH, invented an alcohol automatic spraying machine placed at the reception gate. It is a magnetic valve sprayer that can spray alcohol automatically when someone passes by. This machine will support much for registration (filling medical forms) and disease control at the hospital’s gate.

Mr Mai Van Duc is standing beside his invented An Alcohol Automatic Spraying Machine

As a person likes to research and manufacture, he saw several spraying machines from internet for references and made this suitable alcohol spraying machine based on the actual facts. Sharing about the idea to invent the machine, Mr. Duc said: “An idea comes when I saw patients and their relatives passed by the gate while they were hanging the foods, but they need to put it down to use hand sanitizer, thus I wanted to make a machine for patient’s convenience, to help them ensure the safety and contribute to the disease control at the hospital”. His machine also has an advantage to save alcohol in each spray.


With a passion on research and production as well as thoroughly understanding for the patient, Mr. Duc had done several good inventions which helped to improve the consultation and treatment activities. He is an author of a research titled “Hair washing trolley for serious patients”. This trolley is similar as a small hair washing shop, which can be moved to each patient’s bed and lean on the bed’s head. Thus, patient has the hair washed easily and nursing assistant doesn’t need to carry a heavy water bucket to the bed side. Besides that, he is also a co-inventor of an optimimized improved and semi-automatic machine for knee that helps patients practice rehabilitation easier after trauma surgery.


Mr Mai Van Duc is very happy when his products is used to help the patient. He always puts himself into the patient’s conditions to know what they need and tries to bring them all the bests. He is one among more than 2.200 health staff of VDUH always pay efforts to continuously improve and make creation in order to enhance the treatment’s quality, make the patient’s satisfaction.


 Here are some pictures of an alcohol automatic spraying machine below:

The alcohol automatic spraying machine brings convenience for health staff and patient during the COVID-19 epidemic prevention

Patients and their relatives feel very satisfied with the invention of alcohol automatic spraying machine from VDUH’s health staff.

In the next time, VDUH’s health staff will continue their creation to make more practical products for patients and their relatives.

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