Metal roof falls, a 8-year-old child had wide waist wound

12/03/2020 08:43

A patient came in Emergency Department at Viet Duc University Hospital (Ha Noi) with a wide wound on back caused by a metal roof piece.


On 24th Feb, Viet Duc University Hospital informed that N.T.M.A girl (8 years old) from Nam Dinh was hospitalized with a back wound about 8-12cm wide.

According to the patient’s mother, while playing in the yard, patient A was hit by a metal roof and injured her daughter.


Dr Dang Trung Kien – General Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery Department, Viet Duc University Hospital, who directly receives patient A’s case shared : The wound of patient A is 8-12cm wide. Fortunately, this is not a deep wound, the child has a dermis tear, tearing the back muscles (latissimus dorsi).


Doctors conducted timely surgery for the patient such as cleaning the wound, cutting the damage tissues and suturing. After surgery, the patient’s health has stabilized and is being monitored and restored. 


PV Lệ Hà/Báo Lao động

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