Minister Nguyen Thanh Long visited, wished Tet, and encouraged nurses, doctors on duty during Tet and patients at 2 big hospitals.

01/03/2021 07:52 – on the morning of 30th of TET, Prof. Nguyen Thanh Long – Member of Central Party Committee, Minister and the delegation of MOH visited, congratulated Lunar New Year and encouraged doctors on duty during TET and patients are being treated now at Viet Duc University Hospital, National Children’s Hospital


At these hospitals, Minister Nguyen Thanh Long spent a lot of time visiting and encouraging nurses and doctors who are working in the emergency area. At the same time, Minister also visited at bedside to encourage and give gifts to patients who are being treated here.


Minister Nguyen Thanh Long talks to the emergency doctors at Viet Duc University Hospital. Reporting to Minister, Dr. Le Nguyen Vu said: On 30 TET, 24 doctors and many nurses are on duty overnight until 8:30 a.m. to the 1st of TET. The Minister praised the doctors and recommended emergency duty team must always be ready, make efforts to provide quick first aid to patients, determined not to let patients seriously …


At Viet Duc University Hospital, reporting to Minister, Prof. Tran Binh Giang, MD, PhD – Director said that by 2020 the number of patients coming to hospital will decrease by about 5% compared to 2019. In 2020, hospital actually operating nearly 70,000 cases, implementing 12 new techniques, many records on organ donation…


Hospital is in the process of striving to become an international medical center, initially Training and direction of healthcare activities center has been recognized by Royal College of Surgeons of UK to meet the quality criteria.


Minister Nguyen Thanh Long handed present to the representative of emergency Viet Duc University Hospital


Viet Duc University Hospital is implementing comprehensive patient health care, aiming that all patients who come for treatment will be fully cared for, family members do not need to go to hospital room…


Regarding medical examination and treatment on the occasion of Tan Suu New Year, Prof. Tran Binh Giang, MD, PhD said that, every day there are about 250 medical staff of hospital on duty, mainly in the emergency area and recovery area, ensuring all patients who stay for treatment during TET are all provided with adequate and attentive medical care. Hospital has also prepared gifts to patients to encourage them to feel secure in treatments…


Minister Nguyen Thanh Long handed presents, shared and encouraged patients’ relatives at Viet Duc University Hospital


Speaking at Viet Duc University Hospital, Prof. Nguyen Thanh Long emphasized that in 2020, Viet Duc University Hospital has achieved many marks, being the last and highest level in surgery, so despite many difficulties, hospital has successfully carried out activities in professional knowledge, in-depth techniques, with many creativity.


“It is you who set the record of organ transplantation, then you also break your own record, set a new record, master more advanced techniques of organ transplantation” – Minister said.


According to Minister Nguyen Thanh Long, to do this, it is necessary to have coordination activities, teamwork and especially confidence in technical expertise. Viet Duc University Hospital has also deployed remote medical examination and treatment, connecting dozens of provincial and district bridges and promptly instructing lower levels to successfully operate traumatic brain injury, heart failure…successfully.


Minister together with delegates of MOH talked, encouraged relatives of patients


“There are many cases where patients in remote areas with serious injuries are transferred to higher levels is very difficult and dangerous, therefore, professional support of Viet Duc University Hospital from distance has contributed to saving lives of many patients right at lower levels” – said Minister.


At Viet Duc University Hospital, Minister Nguyen Thanh Long said that health sector considers the year of 2020 a pivotal year for a strong and comprehensive innovation process to better serve people. 2021-year will be a breakthrough in the industry’s innovation process. Therefore, Minister asked Viet Duc University Hospital to further improve the quality of medical examination and treatment, break owns record “to make a mark on the medical world map to confirm its position”- Minister Nguyen Thanh Long emphasized.


Minister Nguyen Thanh Long hand out gifts from MOH to Viet Duc University Hospital collective


At the same time, Viet Duc University Hospital needs comprehensive patient care, thereby reducing hospital infections, which is a situation requires great attention. Minister also suggested the hospital to innovate strongly in investment. Minister requested that in the first 6 months of 2021, hospital is obliged to prepare facilities, equipment, human resources training … so that the second hospital is ready to operate. It also needs to be re-zoned to be a leading medical center, uplifting in the world.


Hospital needs to strengthen professional support for lower levels, not only at the provincial level but also at the district level in terms of surgery. Increase the rate of district hospitals that can master many high technologies equivalent to that of the province.


“Next time when we come back, we wish to hear the hospital reports on how many provincial hospitals were transferred techniques to master organ transplantation and multi-organ transplantation; how many district hospitals are able to master laparoscopic surgery like upper level …” – Minister emphasized.


Minister Nguyen Thanh Long talked and gave gifts to relatives of pediatric patients at the National Children’s Hospital


Visiting National Children’s Hospital, after hearing Ass. Prof. Tran Minh Dien, MD, PhD – Vice Director of Hospital, Minister Nguyen Thanh Long highly appreciated the efforts in pediatric health care.


Minister appreciated that National Children’s Hospital is always a medical facility mobilized by MOH to assist epidemic localities in testing for SARS-CoV-2 and treating such as Hanoi as well as Hai Duong. Minister wished that National Children’s Hospital would continue to strengthen capacity and quality of medical examination and treatment; continue to provide professional support to lower levels.


Minister Nguyen Thanh Long talks with the pediatric patients and wished them get well soon, eat well and quickly be discharged from hospital to welcome TET.


“As far as I know, National Children’s Hospital has connected nearly 140 remote medical examination and treatment points, thanks to the support of National Children’s Hosital, many district hospitals, especially Co To island, have promptly rescued children are seriously ill … Therefore, hospital needs to continue promoting the development of remote medical examination and treatment not only at district level but also at commune level “- said Minister Nguyen Thanh Long.


The commander of medical field also asked National Children’s Hospital to improve the quality of treatment, it must also be marked on the world pediatric map because it is the highest line of treatment in pediatrics in Vietnam. “Hospitals must develop comprehensively, choose a spearhead, a specialty to demonstrate Vietnam’s medical qualifications” – The Minister shared.


Minister Nguyen Thanh Long together with delegates of MOH gives present to National Children’s Hospital


On this occasion, Minister of MOH highly appreciated the work of emergency during TET in both Viet Duc University and National Children’s Hospitals, and thankful for the caring towards patients during TET holiday … 


Theo PV Thái Bình – Trần Minh/ Báo SK&ĐS

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