Multi-organ donation extends life positive signals in a countryside

09/06/2020 11:26

Leaving the city, on May 26, 2020, we went to visit families with relatives who donated tissues and organs in a countryside of Thanh Hoa province. For the first time in a short period (from December 31, 2019 to March 4, 2020), there are three families of multi-organ donors to save people. This is a positive signal in a rural area for life to extend.


 Unfortunately, he suffered from a very serious disease, 31-year-old V.T.L, in Dong Son, Bim Son town, Thanh Hoa, gone forever. With the family, his departure is a deep tormented, the pain is intense because it is a great loss. But the family decided to donate a part of his tissue and organs to revive other lives, and the comfort and pride that their relative still exist in the bodies of others. Such a humane, noble gesture is very respectful.

The aged father held hand tightly of his beloved son to say goodbye

Mr. An – V.T.L’s father shared: Our family actively registered for organs donation. After my son is dead, I was both compassionate and extremely worried about whether my child has medical history could donate organs. Upon receiving the announcement that he can donate organs, tears welled up in the happiness of saving many people.

Mr. An – V.T.L’s father shares with us about his decision to donate relative’s organs to revive others’ lives.

This is the first case of Thanh Hoa registering for organs donation and the second multi-organ donation in the Central. Register to donate tissue and organs after brain death, not only bring life to others but also help society become better and more humane.


Together with V.T.L’s family, also in Thanh Hoa, there are 2 more multi-organ donation families in a short time. From this noble gesture, hopefully in the future, the work of tissue and organ donation will thrive in Vietnam and there will be more lives to be revived. In developed countries, organ donation has become quite common. However, in Vietnam, many people still do not fully understand this beautiful meaning. Some of their relatives are also worried about spirituality when leaving the body incomplete, some guilty and afraid of gossips. Meanwhile, there are tens of thousands are waiting for tissue and organ transplants to sustain their lives. In order to change these thoughts, it requires supports from society and authorities to promote propaganda so that people can understand the nature of organ donation and the significant of this noble gesture.

Starting from Viet Duc University Hospital, the team had visited families with member who donated organs, tissues in Thanh Hoa province.


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