Pancreatic cancer – The disease is difficult to detect, the risk of death is high

26/09/2019 09:04

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most malignant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, ranking 6th in gastrointestinal cancers and 5th in mortality. The 5-year overall survival rate for all periods shall not exceed 4%.


 The cause of pancreatic cancer has not been clarified. Some risk factors for pancreatic cancer include smoking, obesity, genetics, diabetes, diet, sedentary lifestyle.


 Dr. Do Tuan Anh, PhD – Chief of Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery, Viet Duc University Hospital said: At an early stage, pancreatic cancer has no specific symptoms, vague clinical manifestations, the disease is often discovered by chance. By the time of late detection, patients present with pain most commonly in the epigastric region, or in the lower right flank, accounting for 80-90% of pancreatic cancers and are more common in body and tail of pancreas. Pain is located in the lower part of abdomen for a long time before showing other symptoms. In addition, pancreatic cancer patients also have some manifestations such as:


 – Jaundice: as a result of tumors invasive biliary tract caused the obstruction and itching, 80-90% of patients with pancreatic neoplasm have jaundice, only 6% of tumors in the trunk and tail have jaundice. Biliary jaundice progressing slowly, increasing gradually, dark gold.


  – Fever: Temperature increases with chills as symptoms of biliary abscess occur in 10% of patients with pancreatic cancer, but it is not common.


  – Other symptoms: Common weight loss, usually 2 months before seeing a physician or vomiting, bloating, anemia, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue 

Dr. Do Tuan Anh, PhD recommended that people should have regular check-ups to promptly detect and treat the disease, especially when there are symptoms of illness requiring reputable medical facilities to be examined and treatedr espectable.


Dr. Do Tuan Anh, PhD recommended that people should have regular check-ups to promptly detect and treat the disease, especially when there are symptoms of illness requiring reputable medical facilities to be examined and treated respectable. Depending on the location and stage of disease, there are corresponding treatments. For pancreatic area tumors, pancreaticoduodenectomy is the only radical treatment that extends the life of patients. Besides, there are a number of other surgical methods such as removal of tumors, bypass surgery, exploration, biopsy; Chemotherapy alone or adjuvant chemotherapy.


In cases where contraindications to pancreaticoduodenectomy are, temporary surgical methods include: bypassing opening the jejunum, bile drainage … only for symptomatic treatment and nutrition for patients.


The surgical intervention should be combined with palliative care. This is an activity to improve the quality of life of patients and their families who are facing health-related problems. Through prevention and reduction of the burden they endure by helping them to identify early, comprehensively assess and treat other issues such as physical, psychological, and social issues. In pancreatic cancer, palliative care includes pain control, psychological treatment, management of other serious conditions for patients.


In order to help people better understand how to prevent, care and treat biliary diseases, 28th September, 2019, Hepato – Biliary Surgery Department, Viet Duc University Hospital will organize a program FREE CONSULTATION OF HEPATO-BILIARY DISEASES with a topic “UNDERSTANDING THE HEPATO-BILIARY DISEASES: HOW TO PREVENT DISEASE AND TREATMENT“.  Coming to the program, people will receive free examination and consultation by leading experts on hepatobiliary diseases for early detection and timely treatment of conditions such as gallstones, intrahepatic stones, and biliary tract  stones as well as  biliary tract cancer.


 Consulting date: 28th September 2019  (Saturday)


 Address: Room 05, Floor 2, C2 building, On – demand department, Viet Duc University Hospital, 40 Trang Thi – Hoan Kiem – Ha Noi.


 Directly register through Customer Hotline 19001902.



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