Rupture of giant liver tumor, the patient has just detected his liver cancer

23/07/2020 10:31

On admission to Viet Duc University Hospital, the 10x11x13-size liver tumor was ruptured.  An arterial embolization on emergency was indicated for temporary hemostasis.


Dr. NGUYEN Thi Lan from Hepatobiliary Surgery Department shared that Mr. T.V.L., 47 years-old, from Nghe An province admitted to Viet Duc University Hospital for severe abdominal pain and distention.


Mr. L. said that he was totally strong and asymptomatic until recently when he suffered from severe abdominal pain. However, without any thought of having a liver tumor, he took some medicine by himself but his pain was not relieved.


On 18th June 2020, due to the sustained pain, he took the bus from Nghe An province to Hanoi for health check.


 He admitted to Viet Duc University Hospital with severe abdominal pain and distention. The finding from 64-slice CT scanner  made doctors shocked because a giant tumor of 101x112x136 mm of size on the right lobe of liver. More critically, the tumor has already ruptured.


Immediately, the arterial embolization was performed on emergency for temporary hemostasis. After the procedure, patient’s serum liver enzyme concentration was elevated up to 3000 U/l so liver intensive care was implemented for 7 consecutive days.


Being well recovered 1 week later, the patient was operated  on for right hepatectomy on 26th June 2020. During the operation, due to the too big tumor ruptured, a selective inflow control was performed to limit the perioperative bleeding and minimize the risk of postoperative liver failure.

Dr. NGUYEN Thi Lan visited patient after operation

5 days after the surgery, patient’s condition was completely stable without any sign of liver failure or complications.


Doctors said that this was a very critical case of primary hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Luckily, he was timely diagnosed and treated in an effective way.


According to Dr. DO Tuan Anh MD., PhD., Head of Hepatobiliary Surgery Department, Viet Duc University Hospital, liver is the largest solid internal organ with the function of detoxification, bile secretion, anticoagulant factors production and metabolism. Primary liver cancer is a cancer originated from liver including mostly hepatocellular carcinoma and also intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, hepatoblastoma… 


There are a lot of factors that might lead to primary liver cancer. Among them, liver cirrhosis due to hepatitis B, C, non-alcoholic hepatic steatoses… could be a risk of liver cancer. 


 Therefore, doctors recommend all patients at the risk of liver cancer should  have screening program by ultrasound and tumor marker tests (optional) to detect early as possible.


However, warning signs of this disease normally are silent and unclear. Sometimes, the signs of anorexia, right hypochondriac pain, abdominal distention, jaundice, weight loss, exhaustion, biliary obstruction might signify that the patients are in the late stage of primary liver cancer.


So, the prevention and early detection of liver cancer are very important. It is recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis B, to restrict alcoholic drinks, to perform periodical health check every 6 months, to keep a healthy diet and regular physical activities in order to prevent the risk of liver cancer.


Purpose of making people aware of better understand about the prevention, care, follow-up and treatment of liver tumor pathologies, Hepatobiliary Surgery Department, Viet Duc University Hospital will organize a free examination and consultation on liver tumor pathologies with the topic: “UNDERSTANDING ABOUT LIVER TUMORS: PREVENTION AND TREATMENT”. Participating in this program, people will also benefit a free abdominal ultrasound.


Time: 25th July 2020 (Saturday)


Place: Consultation No 5, 2nd floor, C2 building, On-demand clinics, Viet Duc University Hospital, 40 Trang Thi str., Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi 


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